Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip - I bought the Static Wish Dash LS

I must recant all my poo-pooing of the Static Wish Dash LS. When viewed in person, the static color, ruffles, solid wish circle mesh color blocks, and dark stitching are not at all too busy in this top. In fact, I think the static color kind of takes the focus off the ruffles in the back and mutes it's design impact. As for the solid wish blue circle mesh color blocks under the armpits, you really don't see them when your arms are down and they don't look that jarring in person at all. My local store got in both the static wish and the static very violet. I went back and forth with both colors because I thought they were equally fun but I ended up with the static wish since it's a little bolder and a color that really buoys my mood. (As a side not, all but one of the new Static Wish and Static Very Violet CRBs were sold out in the store so the newest static colors are super popular).

I was debating with myself as to whether I should wait for the Dash Pullovers to arrive but I think, for my purposes, since I don't run, I don't need all the bells and whistles of the pullover for the $21 price difference. That's not saying that if Lululemon re-released the Energy Pullover in the latest colors I wouldn't get one, but I don't love the design of the Dash nearly as much as the Energy so I will try the Dash LS instead. I do reserve the right, however, to get the plum dash longsleeve if and when it ever shows up.

So, it looks like there will also be a static persimmon Dash LS as per the photo below (and an earlier post):

Here are some more photos of the Dash LS and Dash Pullovers to help you decide what to get when they show up on the website/GEC:

The color is not nearly this dark in person

I think this photo is most true to life regarding the colors

Wish Blue and Persimmon Dash

Although one reader commented how they thought Persimmon was an "old lady" color, as you can see above, it looks great on a person with a darker skin tone.


Marilyn said...

Just curious, What store location's page are those first few photos from with the mountain in the background??? It looks like a really cool place!

Megan said...

How would you compare the fit of the Dash LS to the Swiftly Tech LS?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the pictures were taken in Banff Alberta.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the location of those shots as well. I live in a mountain resort, but we aren't lucky enough to have a store here.

Anonymous said...

For Luluaddict:
Was there a difference in the fit among the colors for the Run Dash LS? I bought a size 2 in the Lilac color and it fit but there was dye stains on it and I was wondering what size to order in the static colors. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I had to return the lilac one now I want it in the static color.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Kind of OT- Is lime a new color coming out? I saw on Kelowna's FB album the new groove pants that had a static charcoal, black, and lime quilted waistband.

Anonymous said...

On another note the lululemon exchange page has a pair of still crops for sale in that navy striped combo you posted earlier you were looking for ... not sure what size you're interested in but the ones for sale are a size 4

LuluAddict said...

@ Marilyn - As someone else posted, it's from the Banff store. All their photos have that gorgeous background.

@ Megan - I would say the fit of the Dash LS and Swiftly tech is pretty similar. I find both to be body hugging all the way down.

@ anon 4:48 pm - I didn't notice a big difference between the Dash colors. Today I tried on the Static Very Violet and Static Wish back to back and thought they fit very similar. The other day I tried on Teal Zeal and Black back to back and don't think I noticed much of a difference. The black may have been a bit snugger. I haven't tried on the lilac one at all.

@ anon 7:13 - Lime is back. It's in the Wish Multi-Poncho stripe.

@ anon 7:23 - thanks for the heads up on the exchange page. However, I am not a size 4 so that won't work for me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

For Luluaddict:
Thanks so much for the info on the fit of the dash LS:)

Anonymous said...

it's kinda funny, to me the photo of the two dash ls static together, almost looks like the educators are giving the top the "thumbs down" lol