Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Store Trip Report - Silver Luon - Challenge Tank and Foundation Tank

So I took a trip to both my local stores to see the new Silver Luon items and try on the new Challenge Tank and Foundation Tank. To me the material felt a lot like regular luon, maybe slightly thicker. The lines of silver are only visible on the inside and not the outside. I liked the fit of the Challenge Tank - it seemed to be fairly supportive and I liked the neckline a lot. It's a flattering tank for larger busted women even with the goofy triangle cutouts over the breasts. I liked the back of the Foundation Tank a lot - I thought it was sexy but the front did nothing for me. I thought the armholes were a bit too deep and exposed to much side breast and I don't really care for the seams over the bust. The silver luon material is very thick so I can't see buying this for really hot or sweaty activities. As I've bought more Lululemon I've gravitated away from regular weight luon because I find it too warm to work out in. I live in Southern California where it never gets too cold and I work out indoors in a gym. I like to do spin and the room gets really heated up, particularly in the summer. For the past year or so I've been buying the lightest, most breathable and wicking material Luluemon offers - circle mesh, luxtreme, silverescent, and swiftly. I think my two favorites are luxtreme and circle mesh. I find even light luon too hot for spin class in the summers. I know I can't give a fair review of the new silver luon without wearing it for a workout but just standing around in the store I didn't feel it was super breathable, certainly not like I found the power luxtreme in the new Stand Strong tank. Anyway, if this tank were priced at the normal $58 and offered in different colors I might have considered it to try out the new material, but it's way too much for what it is. I don't get the $20 (actually ~35%) bump in price since quite a bit of these tanks are made of circle mesh. The crops and pants have only a $10 (works out to be 10% for the pants and 12% for the crops compared to normal luon prices) bump in price so the tank price is a real ripoff as far as I'm concerned. I think Lululemon got a little greedy when they priced the tanks. They should have come in at $65 or so. I'll wait for the re-pricing.


Drew said...

Lulu's pricing definitely seems greedy lately... Especially with the markdowns. Just knock it down and sell it already! We need new stuff! Astro crops for 81 dollars on "sale" is not a deal.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...have they not noticed that their $5 discounted "We Made Too Much" items have just been sitting on the site for over a month now?

Melissa said...

I'm interested in the crops just because I do Moskha yoga and it would be nice to see if they help with sweat. But don't want to pay $88 for them. Hopefully someone else will buy them and review for us.