Monday, November 15, 2010

Store Trip Report - Gym Essentials Kit, Belt It Out Pant, Dash Pullover, Yogi Dance Tank and More

I went to the store today with the intent of coming home with the Essentials Gym Kit. I really liked it. It's super padded and the mesh pouch and the clear vinyl pouch detach. The outside zip pocket has little pockets inside to tuck your watch or other things. There is also a hook to hang it in the shower. I nearly bought it but I decided for a few dollars more (it's $48) I'd rather get a new tank. Since I don't travel much, I can get by with a makeup case from Sephora. If you travel a lot, you might want to treat yourself to one of these.

Belt It Out Pant

I tried on quite a few things today. I tried on the Belt It Out pant which I really liked. I liked how the rear abd leg is snug until the middle of the thigh and then it widens out. I think this is a good pant for people with thicker thighs and legs. I'm not a super fan of the belt at the top and wouldn't mind if they just had a band of color at the top instead of the belt loops. However, I tried on the solid black Belt It Out Pants and the luon felt really thin, almost like light luon.

I tried on the Dash Pullover. I really liked this a lot. The Static Coal is very nice - the zipper and reflective band on the arm blend into the print of the fabric really nicely. I also liked the solid Wish Blue a lot since the seams blended into the fabric. As people have written, there is lots of room in the upper chest and shoulders. I think the fit is looser all over than the Inspire (and the older Hills Pullover). I also thought this is a very comfortable running pullover - there are no irritating areas. The ribbed patches on the upper arm and decorative ribbon on the Inspire Pullover really bothered me but there is only soft circle mesh panels on this pullover - it will move very nicely with you. If you don't have a running luon pullover yet, you can't do better than the Dash Pullover. 

As I wrote below, I also tried  the Yogi Dance Tank. It's a cute tank that comes in awesome color combinations and only goes to a 10 so it was a bit small for me. I suspect that even if it went to a 12 there still wouldn't be enough coverage for the girls and I'd still show too much cleavage. I though it fit very similar to the Fouette Tank.

I tried on the Balance Pullover and really liked the simple design and flattering fit. The merino was a little rough against my skin so I'd probably wear it as a layering piece with a shirt underneath. I'll be honest, if it weren't for Luluemon's recent quality problems, I'd unreservedly recommend this top but I'll wait until I read a few reviews before I buy this. I'm concerend about color leaching, snags, and pilling. There are a couple of companies whose sole business is performance fleece (Icebreakers and Smartwool) that I'd be inclined to try first. I at least want to feel the wool to see if it's softer than the Lululemon version. If any of you have felt the Lululemon wool and have Icebreakers or Smartwool clothes and can give me a comparison, I'd love to hear it.

I tried on the new Wish Blue Multi-Poncho Stripe Push UR Limits but ended up going home with the same color scheme in the Heart Tank. I already have three Push UR Limits and wanted something new. I really love the open back design of the Heart Tank. I love that the Heart Tank is a strappy, very opened back tank but has supportive straps and really covers the girls in front. I love this tank. Please consider making it in a 12, Lululemon!

I also got a pair of older Heathered Charcoal Still Pants. My luluemon has some older colors of Still and Be Stills around and I dug through the pile to try them on. I wear Stills/Be Stills all the time and since Lululemon hasn't been making any new colors I thought I'd get these while they were still available. I'll be honest, I also wanted to get a pair made with the older, thicker luon manufactured under the old quality standards. I'm kind of peeved my new Static Wish CRB is starting to come unraveled at the hem. I haven't even washed it yet. I'm glad I live near a store so they can fix it.


Sharlene said...

Where did you get the Heathered Charcoal Still pants?

LuluAddict said...

The Newport Beach, CA store.

Anonymous said...

I've been exclusively an astro pant/wunder under person and I'm looking to branch into a looser fit pant. I like the stills/be stills and the dance sweatpants (although I'm pretty open). I would like something that looks a little "fancier" so i can wear them out and still look nice. Any suggestions? What are the big differences?? Thanks!

Carolyn said...

Hey! I work at a store that sells Icebreaker, so I thought that I could give you some insight into their product for comparison. Merino wool is the best alternative to synthetics for technical gear in the market right now: it breathes incredibly well, it has natural anti-stink properties, and it insulates when wet. It is nature's solution for an animal that lives through hot summers in the valleys and cold cold winters in the Southern Alps (New Zealand). Merino wool is a thinner fibre than traditional wool, so against the skin it bends instead of poking (try pushing your thumb into your palm and then push your pinky into your palm, its a pretty good way to explain the flexibility that comes from a thinner fibre). Icebreaker makes a number of different lines. If you have sensitive skin, I would recommend first trying out a piece in their BodyFit+ category - it is softer than their usual BodyFit and comes with super cute designs. The also have a GT line that has a small Lycra content for better range of movement and it also has perforated panels for moisture management.
I was very much skeptic about their miraculous claims and uncertain about the price point until I started incorporating them into my usual workout gear. I am 100% on the BodyFit+ pieces that I own - they are softer than anything after one wash and retain their shape incredibly well, besides performing incredibly well. I also have a piece of 320 weight (one of the thickest weights meant as an insulation piece) and I will admit that it does feel a little scratchy, but it its defence I have pretty bad eczema.
Icebreaker is like Lululemon for a lot of our customers, full-on brand loyalty due to the outstanding quality. We are expecting a very exciting expansion of the Icebreaker lines for 2011, so stay tuned!

LuluAddict said...

@anon 7:15 pm - I think if you want something "fancier" you should stick to a luon pant. The Dance Sweatpants are french terry and really just glorified sweatpants. For a looser fit pant, I'd check out the Relaxed Fit pants. Those fit snug through the bum and looser through the rest of the leg. You can also try the Still pants. Many people size down one or two sizes in them.

@Carolyn - Thanks for the input on the Icebreaker line!

houndlvr67 said...

I just registered online with Icebreaker and they sent me a coupon for 20% off-too bad the item I want is out of stock ( the quantum hoodie in poppy-looks similar to Lulu's poppy, no?).

Drew said...

Icebreaker is the only wool I put right next to my skin. It's the best, even better than Smartwool in my opinion.

Michelle Q said...

Luluaddict - when you are going through the piles of Stills at the store, how can you tell which ones are Be Stills? I know that the Irvine and Newport Stores have a bunch mixed together, but I can't tell just by looking and I feel sheepish trying them all on. :P

Also, I tried on the Yogi Dance tank in my regular size 6 and I didn't like the way it lay around my middle. I think I would have to size up in this tank, but then it would be too big in the bust. Maybe on markdown I'll try the 8 on and see if it works. It's a really pretty tank.

LuluAddict said...

@ Michelle Q - I can't tell the Stills from the Be Stills by looking at the stack of pants. I have to pull the tag out of the pocket. The Deep Navy ones are Be Stills, however. I pulled out all the non black and non coal pants to try on. They had some really old Stills, priced at $92 in my size. I think they were Dark Classic Sport Gray - the older rougher feeling version. I just take the stack of pants out of the cubby and flip through them. You can pull the tag out without disturbing the pile too much. Sometimes you'll find a pair that is marked down, not black of course, so it pays to go through the pile.

Did the Yogi Dance tank pouf out too much? It did that on me but I couldn't be sure if it was the design or the size since I was one size down from my regular tank size. I'll post more photos of people modeling it.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your honest opinion of the Balance Pullover, I was afraid of the wool would be scratchy, and a lulu rep made the same comment to me today when I mentioned I was waiting for it. I will pass for now.