Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stand Strong Tank Definitely Designed for Larger Busts

Here is are instructive photos regarding the new Stand Strong tank:

The Stand Strong is baggy on her in the chest yet when you look at the back view, it fits fine through her ribcage. I assume she's wearing the smallest size available and can't go one size down.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is EXACTLY how this tank fits on me in the smallest size 4 available. Sigh, not for small chests.

momof5 said...

Oh well -- saves me some money at least!! haha! just what i need a deflated top and an arrow to my lady parts -- i'm thinking not a good look!!

Anonymous said...

Yup - I tried this on yesterday and it was a no go. The size 8 fit me great in the chest (I'm a 36B), and was too tight in the tummy. The Size 10 was way too big in the bust. Boo. :(

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:05
I am so glad to know. I have been thinking about that tank, but can't try it on in a store. I am the same size and that is the issue that I have had with some other Lulu tanks. Thanks for the feedback!