Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pics of New Stuff - Ruffle Wunder Unders, Ruffle CRB, new Candlelight Print

Full length photo of the new Ruffled Wunder Unders - the ruffle seems in a weird spot

Ruffled CRB - Bwahahaha.

Not sure what this print is called - the code is MUSM - multi something. I like multi colored prints because you can pair it with some many jackets. I'm bummed the prints are showing up in the cotton stuff only.


momof5 said...

I love the new print -- it looks feminine and pretty -- whereas the other one looked art blobby --

I hope we get this one in the US

Glow said...

Liking the new print. I just want to see it on more tops and materials!

Zanna said...

I really want this print but not on an organic cotton top. I hope they bring it out in a luon/luon top tank.