Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photos of the Static Black Run: Dash Pullover

Reader HoundLover was kind enough to send me photos of her new Static Black Dash Pullover. She said the fit is similar to the Run: Energy Pullover which means it is roomy through the upper chest and shoulders. Also, it is very long which works well for her since she is 5'11". She also said that only a small portion of the rear pocket is not tacked down but the side against the skin is soft circle mesh (the irritating part is against the shirt) and she didn't notice anything rubbing her at all. She is a runner so she evaluated this top with an eye to using it for it's technical purpose.


Pooki said...

In the last photo, showing the little fabric zipper keeper, is the lower edge just serged? It's not even sewn w/ the seams enclosed, like in prior Lulu things? If this is the cast, I am getting so disappointed with Lulu.

momof5 said...

I am not even remotely tempted by these -- now the violet swiftly or violet cuddle is another story!!