Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photos of the Latest Colors (Part 1) - STCH/Lime Groove, New Swiftlys, Dash Tanks

I can't wear these but I love them - Static Charcoal (STCH) Grooves with Lime and Gray Band

 Swiftly Tech LS in Haze (LOVE!) and Matching Yogi Dance Pants

 Swiftly Tech in Wish Blue

 Very Violet Swiftly Tech and Outward Bound Pants

 Persimmon Swiftly - I believe there is a long sleeve version of this, too.

All the flavors of the Dash Tank - Static Black, Static Plum, Static Very Violet, Static Persimmon, Static Coal, Static Teal Zeal, Static Wish Blue

Static Persimmon Dash Tank (and Still Pant)


Lisa + Lulu = Love said...

LuluAddict - I LOVE the bold blue swiftlys! I'm so excited to buy either the SS or LS! Either last year or the year before, they had the BOLD BLUE swiftly. I was not a luluaddict yet, so I have only seen these in pictures. I am wondering if you think they just re-released the bold blue swiftly and called it wish blue? Or do you think it's a new dye?

LuluAddict said...

I have a Bold Blue Swiftly Racerback and it's very possible they are the same. You'll have to put them side by side to tell. I'll have to bring my racerback to the store to compare. Bold Blue is slightly more purple than wish and they could have tweaked the dye. I really want a Wish LS Swiftly.

Anonymous said...

has anyone had any luck securing the dash tank from the GEC? i really want a couple of them....i like them as an alternative to the CRBs

RunMama said...

I have the bold blue swiftly's from last year (tank, ss, ls). They are pretty awesome and different from this year's wish blue. Sadly, though, they are turning pink and fading on me, and I take very good care of them. *sigh*

Becky said...

I have the tank swiftly in bold blue, and am experiencing the same problem, turning pink! I baby my tank, only hand wash in cold water and hang to dry, and it is still turning pink. Sad that it is happening, but glad to hear mine isn't the only one.

Yogini93 said...

@Anon- Yes, I did get 2 dash tanks- one in static plum, and one in static black. I got them several weeks ago. I called the GEC, trying to get some new colors, and all they have left is static black. The educatior with the fantastic Canadian accent said that they did not have any left for phone sales because they have all been shipped to the store or reserved for online sales, so they will probably get uploaded tomorrow.