Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photos of the Latest Colors (Part 2) - Groovy Run Short, Speed Shorts, Haze Scuba, & More

I found a better photo of the Haze Scuba - this is pretty!

This isn't really brand new but I thought the matching very violet cap looked really cute with the Dash LS top.

Groovy Run Short in Gray Poncho Stripe - I like monochromatic color schemes, I wonder if there will be a matching jacket.

Run: Speed Shorts in the Black/Multi-Poncho Pattern. I wonder if any tanks will come in this stripe. I love the muted jewel tones.

More Speed Shorts in the various versions of the Poncho Stripe

The latest Scoop Neck Colors

I thought this was a cute outfit - STCH Relaxed Fit Crops and Matching Very Violet Scoop

The matching Yogi Dance Pants look so cute in all these combos.

Not thrilled the way the ribbon decorations are causing the Alignment Tank to not lay flat.


Marci said...

I must get the poncho stripe speed shorts... loooovvvveee!

Glow said...

I LOVE the haze scuba! It'd be hard for me to justify buying it though, since I already have a haze hoodie (stride), and a different light blue remix (don't know the color name, it's old). Hmmm... maybe.