Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photos of Cute Outfits & Hellcats

Ambassador photos are good sources of inspiration when it comes to putting outfits together since I suspect they have stylists helps them. This one is cute because I would never think to match the static oasis top with the lolo bottoms but it looks super cute.

The Masonville store declared their favorite yoga outfit to be Groove pants, a Scoop Neck Tank, and a Define Jacket. I've got to agree. My power Lululemon suit always included the Define Jacket. It's always makes me feel so put-together to wear it. The Scoop Neck is also a great choice - flattering to most every figure.

One reason I watch Hellcats is to spot Lululemon and on the latest episode of Hellcats, the coach finally had on some new Lululemon. She had been wearing the same Defines and white Inner Strength tank over and over. She finally had on a new color Define (Riverrock/Oasis) and matching Inner Strength last week.  ;-)  At least, I'm pretty sure it's another Inner Strength tank. The neckline dips a bit too much and doesn't have the edging like a Power Y.


shiver said...

I like the scoop neck's looks but I find that it gets too far up my neck to be comfortable. I've worn mine to yoga and every twist it pulls on my neck. I wish they could redesign the back so that its not so high. Love the define and grooves though!

Anonymous said...

I have heard a lot of people complaining that the neck straps giving them migrains and headaches but I never had problems with mine. I literally feel nothing around my neck. Could just the the wrong size?

shiver said...

The one Ive got is definitely too big - I'm wearing an 8 in the flow Y but my scoop neck is a 12 from when I was bigger. I would think that being loose would help but I still get the pulling. My Lift and Separate bra's have the same effect on my neck but not nearly as bad.

lilu said...

My friend directed me to your Blog and I love it!

Thank you for taking the time to keep us lululemon lovers on our toes =)

Love seeing Ambassador Shots too. Another great one is if you check out lululemon Berkeley's Facebook Page they documented their Ambassador Photoshoots. Check out their new Ambassador Deb Heyrana's outfit! She's a Fitness and Dance instructor and by far she has the best combo with the coolest accessories. Really inspired me that lululemon can be even more stylish.

Keep up the amazing work, Ciao!

Glow said...

The Scoop Neck is definitely one of my most loved tanks! I have a Define Jacket too, but since I'm short, the scalloped back kind of looks like a weird flap over my butt, so it's not my favourite. It looks amazing on most people though!

LuluAddict said...

The Scoop doesn't bother my neck but I can see where it does for some people. The old Lift and Separate bra really used to bug me in the back of my neck. I also didn't like the Flow and Go tank because of the pressure the neck strap put on me.