Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photos of Challenge Jacket, Foundation Tank, Challenge Pant

I kind of like the look of the new Foundation Tank but not enough to pay $78 for a low support tank I'll have to layer with another bra. Is being anti-stink really that much a priority for women? I can see if you are backpacking for a week and you have to pack light and recycle clothes that you need anti-stink gear but for daily workouts?  I also don't think most women like to wear the same thing over and over. Just not getting the anti-stink focus when the other, less pricey Lululemon fabrics seem to work well-enough stink-wise.

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Glow said...

Agreed, regarding the anti stink! I wash each of my lulu tanks after one wear. Jeez, I don't think we are THAT stinky that we need an 80 dollar tank top to help us. Doing laundry is cheaper. :P