Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NEW! Run: Post Pullover

I only have this one photo but will post more as soon as I find them.

 The back is very cute! I would think this is somewhere around $110 but will post as soon as I find a price. I was way off, the price is $88 - it's a bargain! ;-)

 Product Details:

  • Sexier than a blanket with arms, that's for sure! (And more comfortable too!)
  • Stretch in cozy comfort or throw on after a cool winter run!
  • Made from cozy double sided brushed micro fleece with anti-pilling finish
  • Soft, warm running luon® cuffs with thumbholes keep your hands warm
  • Kangaroo pocket holds all your recovery snacks
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed
  • Very Violet, Wish Blue, Black, Coal

Here is another of the Post Run Pant, in coal.


RunMama said...

I prefer last year's fleecy pullover. Despite the pilling of my pullover fro last year, I think the sideways neck and no kangaroo pocket made it look a little more grown-up and classic (for a fleecy pullover, anyway!).

Anonymous said...

It's $88

Anonymous said...

So does this fleece really pill like crazy or what?? Did it have the "anti-pilling finish" last year or is this new to make people feel better about their product? I really really really want this Post Run Pullover.. I love the alpine (I'm a runner), but I don't love the price OR the colors. They should have made a pink or purple for the Alpine. Lilac would have been gorgeous!

Glow said...

I love the new hoodie! Just wish it was offered in more colors. I think I might get the pants too. :)
Jeez I'm going to be poor soon.

RunMama said...

I agree Anon 5:07 about the Alpine colors. I haven't tried it on and probably won't bother since I have a Run: Spirit Pullover already from last year. I have to say though, the Spirit was the same price as the Alpine and it was worth every penny. Re: the fleece, I was not impressed at all with my fleece outfit from last year. Apparently it's anti-pilling this year but I am giving it a pass this year. I feel like a $10 fleece from Old Navy would have looked better than my $100 one from lulu after a few washes.

houndlvr67 said...

For those that like the Alpine...I bet it comes out in very violet too, as there are tights with a vv waistband.

Anonymous said...

RunMama - what was the Spirit pullover? It was not last year's fleece pullover?? If it was just a running luon pullover, why was is $118? Isn't the Alpine fleece too, or is this a whole different kind of fleece than the Post:run pullover? I am under the impression that the Post run pullover is made from the same material as the Alpine pullover, but just lacks the circle mesh and running design stuff. Is this not the case? I am a major Luluaddict, but all these new products coming out at once is overwhelming!! I don't understand all of them LOL!

denver mom said...

Feel free to correct me - I think the run post is a true microfleece while Spirit from last year and the Alpine this year are made of a material which is ?luon/luxtreme like on the outer facing side and brushed fleece inside. Kind of like a very thick running luon. Much nicer and more durable than the fleece. I am hoping for more colors in the Alpine as well. Anyone know if it has hit the US yet?

RunMama said...

denver mom, you are correct. The Spirit Pullover of last year is technical luon with a fleecy inner side, very warm yet sweat-wicking and with mesh panels in the armpits. I guess the Alpine Pullover is this year's equivalent of the Spirit, both priced at $118. The Post Pullover however seems like this year's edition of the Fuzzy Fleece Pullover of last year, which was just regular microfleece and priced lower.

Anonymous said...

the material in the alpine (and last year's spirit) is called "tech fleece"..but don't confuse it with what you typically think of as "fleece". It does kind of feel like a thicker "brushed luon" on the inside, and the outer has a more "technical" feel.

Anonymous said...

I don't like it, I was not impressed with the fleece from last year.

I bought a sweater fleece from North Face that is fleece inside, moisture wicking for winter sports for $67. that has the same function as the Alpine and fleece pullover, and it is flattering to the figure.

Neph said...

I just bought one on the web. They are out of size 6 already though. Hope the 8 fits.