Friday, November 12, 2010

New Colors in the Push UR Limits and Happy Heat Tank

I know this is a totally lame photo but look what is hanging on the right - the Wish Blue / Multi-Poncho stripe Push. As soon as I find a full-on photo I will post it. I think I must have this version of the Push!  Also, you can see the Haze/Coal one hanging in full view on the right side. There is another color behind the Wish version, looks like a Black and something.

Here is the new Haze/Coal Happy Heat Tank. Too bad a lot of people are finding the front seams uncomfortable. They aren't flatlocked (they are glued or something) and some people are bothered by them. I'll be honest, I didn't notice them but I tried this tank on very quickly and didn't try moving around with it.


momof5 said...

I tried the Happy Heat -- and although I completely loved the color and style and fit -- the seam issue was to big for me to keep it - The ruching on the inside has a thin layer of elastic to create the ruching and instead of sewing it down, it just kind of hangs out there-- the elastic is rather thick and is sewn around it but not completely which causes the itch and scratch. I would imagine, like all elastic in time, it would only get worse as the elastic hardens with wear --

It is such a shame that they didn't flatlock the seams because it really is such a beautiful looking tank -- It would be one of my faves and I would be all over the haze one -- but it just isn't worth it IMO with that issue

I am confused by their lack of quality control on this tank and the pullovers-- why are they moving backwards on quality!?

LuluAddict said...

I know I love the look of this tank - it just does wonders for all sorts of figures. Maybe they'll fix the seam on the next iteration.

ChiRunner said...

The elastic to create the ruching is definitely not a new thing for Lulu - it's on the inside of my Run: Energy SL and SS tops. Though those tops are looser fitting (at least on me) and so the elastic isn't a problem. I can definitely see how it would be uncomfortable on a more fitted top.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...I LOVE the push tank already and really love the wish/poncho stripe. Can't wait to see more of it!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but with her hosiery, the woman in these photos looks cheap. I hope this was just a try on and not the intended look. The tank definitely is too much with hosiery. This says to me that this is definitely a work-out or jeans tank and people definitely should NOT try to "dress it up" (or cheapen it down).