Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Pics - Heathered Charcoal Candlelight Tank, New Heaband Colors, Heathered Vintage Gray Scuba and More!

 Flow Ys in Wish/Multi-Poncho Stripe, Haze, Very Violet

 New Scubas in Heathered Vintage Gray/Silver and Teal Zeal/Silver  (Silver = Silver Logo)

I am sucker for "athletic" gray stuff from Lululemon. I am going to have to check the gray scuba out.

Teal Zeal Scuba

 Boogie Shorts - Black/Quilt, Haze/Coal, Coal Pique

 Stand Strong Tanks - Black, Haze, Very Violet, Wish Blue

The Stand Strong looks cute on her but as people have noted the seaming seems to lead the eye to the ladyparts.

New CRBs - lilac, wish blue, haze/coal, very violet, static wish, teal zeal

Heathered Charcoal Candlelight Tank - I like this color much better

I wasn't wowed by the static coal/Persimmon Stride but it looks really sharp paired with the matching CRB.

Wish Blue Express Yourself Wrap

 New Pirouette Headbands in Persimmon and Very Violet

New Braided Headbands in Persimmon, Teal Zeal, and Haze - anyone try these yet?


Mel said...

woah! Lots of new pictures this week. I think I may have just had a lulu overdose.

momof5 said...

I don't like how you can see the outline of the cups on the stand strong -- that drives me crazy -- --

Glow said...

I might have to get the Flow Y in haze! It looks like it would match with a lot of stuff.

Anonymous said...

I have the teal zeal braided headband and I love it! stays in place and very cute!

Anonymous said...

I tried both those scubas tonight, they would have both been mine had they not had metal zippers. I work with kids and there just way to rough to wear to work therefore i wouldnt be wearing them often enough.

LuluAddict said...

@ Mel - I'm with you on all the new photos - I have carpal tunnel but there are so many items in new colors. On my short list is the Poncho Stripe Power Y, Wish Static Power Y or CRB, and Very Violet CRB. I also like those Static Wish Wunder Unders but they probably don't come in a 12. I'm also waiting for the Dash Plum LS to arrive in stores.