Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More New Stuff - Grooves, Run Shorts, Scuba, and More

The Latest Groove Colors

Yogi Dance Pants

Groovy Run Shorts (Coal/Haze, Coal Poncho Stripe)

Speed Shorts (Wish Poncho Stripe, Black Poncho Stripe)

There is going to be Scuba Hoodies in both these prints. 

Alignment Tanks

Persimmon and Haze Scubas (Coal Dash PO in the background)

Coal/Haze Brushed Still Pants - the brushed ones are $108 and the solid black are already on the website

Haze/Coal Define

I wonder if there will be a Wish/Multi Poncho Define similar to the Stride. I would love that to go with my new Power Y.

Great photo of the Outward Bound pant showing the transition between the wind resistant front and the tech fleece backside


SV said...

Wait, what?? The outward bound pant is windproof glyde on the front and fleece on the back? I thought they were all glyde, but the fabric itself was backed with fleece. I'm not sure what to think about that.

LuluAddict said...

I'm pretty sure the front of the Outward Bound pant is fleece lined but the back doesn't have the Glyde part, just the fleece. Lulu had a similar pant last year.

Anonymous said...

I think the haze/coal define would look so cute with the matching brushed still pants! Do you know if the define is brushed too?

Megan said...

Correct on the Outward B - the entire inside is brushed-fleecy (not the full fleece like dog whisperer); only the front outside has the gylde. the backside is tech-fleece.

SV said...

Very interesting. I can't decide if I want them or if I want to wait and hope for fleece running tights to come out.

OT - I finally decided the pull the trigger on the black dash LS and I woke up this morning and they were suddenly sold out. Yesterday they had all sizes. I'm so bummed :(