Monday, November 1, 2010

More New Items - Peace of Mind Jacket, Poncho Stripe Power Y, Static Very Violet CRB, Express Yourself Wrap and More

The first photo of the two-tone Static Very Violet / Solid Very Violet CRB. It's not as odd as I thought it would look and I kind of like it:

Static Very Violet Front of CRB

Solid Very Violet Back of CRB - With Static V. Violet Edging around arm and neck holes

Side View Showing Both Sides - kind of cute & different

New Wish Blue Multi-Poncho Stripe Power Y

I really, really like this. I love a colorful pattern like this - it pumps me up for my workouts. It's just that Power Ys are not my first choice to workout in for support reasons but I fear this will probably be the only tank in this pattern.

Close Up of Wish Blue/ Multi-Poncho Stripe Grooves

Wish Blue Express Yourself Wrap

Hey, isn't this the look the cheerleader coach in Hellcats was rocking in Episode 1? A Wrap, a Flow Y and a pair of crops?
Why yes, it was. 

I am so disappointed in Hellcats lately. Every scene has the coach wearing the same White/HCWE Inner Strength tank - boo. I can't wait until she has something different.

Peace of Mind Jacket - $228

It's cute but I don't know how practical since it looks a bit short. Better wear some long johns under your pants. I remember my jeans slicing into the back of my thighs in winter when I was at college in upstate NY. I learned to appreciate a butt-covering jacket.

Studio Pant

Static (Charcoal, DCSG, Coal?) and Very Violet Stride

Haze Stand Strong Tank

So we've seen enough photos to conclude that if you don't have an hourglass shape, the new Stand Strong tank is not going to give you the illusion of one, unlike the new (vavoom!) Happy Heat tank. However, I think the Stand Strong looks like a decent basic tank for serious workouts. It's made of super wicking and breathable luxtreme. It's got fat straps and a racerback for comfort and support. It's got a modest neckline so you won't flash the gym. It has an A-line shape to accommodate our hips. It has some decorative seaming on the front to add visual interest. As soon as I try it on, I'll give you a fit review. I think it should be at my local stores in a day or two.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting them. I love coming to this blog!

SV said...

I really thought I was going to love the stand strong tank. Unlovely the straps and the plain-ish front.... But now that I'm seeing more pictures of it those front seems are looking more and more like an arrow. Bummer.

SV said...

That was supposed to read "I love the straps", lol.

Anonymous said...

Yikes...see what you mean about the arrow. I will be interested in what you think of that when you try it on, Lulu Addict. I was liking it a lot but not so sure about that.

Kristin said...

What are the colors in the poncho stripe....obviously wish blue and very velvet, but what else? Love your blog...thank you!!

LuluAddict said...

I'm thinking the colors in poncho stripe are: wish, very violet, persimmon, lime, haze, and coal (or a dark brown - I can't tell from the photos).

ChiRunner said...

@LuluAddict - My guess is that it is coal and not a dark brown in the poncho stripe, since Lulu has clearly decided to market coal and persimmon as a combo - there is already the Happy Heat Tank in that color combo and an educator told me they are expecting the Awarness Wrap in coal with persimmon lining (as well as black with very violet lining and wish blue with maybe a dip dye lining).

Though I would love if they brought a dark brown back - it would be a nice alternative to all the black and gray.

LuluAddict said...

I think you are right, ChiRunner, it's coal. The colors around it are always paired with coal.

Shelly said...

I'd love to see some more pictures of the peace of mind jacket. It looks really cute- but agree, maybe a little too short.

I'm interested in the poncho stripe scuba. For some reason I'm more drawn to that then the other items. I wonder if I'd get tired of a bold print like that in something as substantial as a scuba? Has anyone seen it in person?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else feel like the seams on the Stand Strong Tank are kind of leading your eyes directly to her "you know"? I feel like in all of the pictures I've seen the seams have been drawing my attention...downward. Very unflattering in my opinion.

LuluAddict said...

I liked the Stand Strong tank when I first saw it but none of the photos of it are very flattering. Every photo I've seen make the women wearing it look like a flat chested pear shape, even the product alert model. Ideally a tank should enhance your shape, whether you are a flat chested pear shape or not. I'd really like to see this on a bustier woman to see what it does to her.