Friday, November 19, 2010

Lululemon Relaxed Fit Pant is one of Oprah's Ultimate (!) Favorite Things

Lululemon's Relaxed Fit Pants made Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things list. I actually don't have a pair of the latest version of the Relaxed Fit Pants. I have an older version called the Extend Pant which are very similar - snug in the rear, looser in the leg. They are among my favorite pants to wear when I do wear full length pants to the gym. I think another good looser in the leg, snug in the rear pant is the new Belt It Out Pant. If I had to choose my Ultimate Favorite Lululemon pant it would,as I've mentioned many, many times before, be the Still/Be Still Pant. I don't wear them in the gym because there's just too much material but they are great to wear everywhere else.


Glow said...

I think my favourite Lulu pants would have to be the Rock Out! They're so well suited to short people like myself :P. I saw them on the markdown rack today, but nothing in my size sadly, or I would have stocked up. I love my Wunder Unders too if those count as pants (but I think of them more as leggings?).

Anonymous said...

I'm with my stills!!
However, I haven't ordered any in years because my old ones are still in great shape. But I decided to treat myself to the coal ones and after 2 wears they are pilling between the legs! I know this is a "high friction" area but seriously....2 wears? Is this normal?