Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Latest Power Y Colors (and More)

 Haze/Coal Power Y and Matching Grooves make a cute outfit

I forgot to write yesterday that I tried on the new Haze/Coal CRB and really disliked it. I would have gotten a solid colored Haze CRB because it's a pretty color but the contrast between the two colors was too much. I liked the Static Very Violet/solid  Very Violet CRB but the Haze/Coal was odd. If you are from the New York area you'll know what I mean when I say I felt like a walking black and white cookie:

Black and White Cookies - a New York Regional Area Food

 Persimmon Power Y and Matching Define Jacket

Static Wish Blue Power Y

Wish Blue Multi Poncho Stripe Power Y and Matching Stride


RunningOnCoffee said...

mmmm half moon cookies! Wegmans does a pretty good job... which reminds me, I haven't gotten them in a while! How can you go wrong with butter cream frosting :)

momof5 said...

anyone notice how items keep disappearing -- last week they uploaded the live simply -- only they were only in the This just in section, not with the other pants -- and as soon as the new stuff moves in -- they never transfer them over to the regular pants section -- they did the same thing with the strides a few weeks back -- so frustrating --

Anonymous said...

That and there has been nothing new added to the "we made too much" section for two weeks now....

Neph said...

I agree, and the discounts on some of the formerly-known-as-loot are appalling. $5 bucks off for no return?

And I'm really sick of seeing that hideous orange pulse wrap at the top of the page. Drop the price and move it already! $89 bucks?!?!

Rant over. :-)

LuluAddict said...

@ Neph- I keep checking the loot page to see if the prices have dropped yet. I'm hoping there will be some nice discounts around Black Friday.