Monday, November 22, 2010

Hustle Tank - First Real Life Photos

The first real life photos of the new Hustle Tank have shown up. So far, I like the artist rendering much better. The tanks looks much shorter on this woman than I pictured it. I thought the ruffles would hit more at the top of your butt than at your waist. I'm kind of bummed after seeing these photos but maybe this lady is super tall. I'll post more photos as they show up.


Neph said...

Hmm...looks kinda dumpy in the front, childish in the back.

Lulaholic said...

MUST have this tank, went in to my local store today and it was not there yet :(

It's not childish. It's feminine and pretty. With some grooves or some crops it will likely be a staple in my Lulu wardrobe!!

RunningOnCoffee said...

I like the front...nice and simple. I agree though, I thought the ruffles would hit a little lower based on the product notification pictures, for some reason. The back is also higher than I would have expected -- looks like it would work great with the full coverage bras.