Friday, November 26, 2010

Fake Lulu on Ebay

Correct me if I'm wrong Lulu Experts, but if the tags aren't on the left side of the clothes, it's a good bet it's a fake, right? Also, it looks like there are two "luon" tags and no reversible tag. The reversible tag is supposed to be round.

These are the real deal:


Anonymous said...

It's funny that you bring this up. I was looking at this listing earlier today wondering if it was real. Now, I did order satvic bra online from lululemon a few months ago and the price tags were attached to the inside tag. Very strange and since it was so heavy, the rip out tags were falling off.

Anonymous said...

Those are the old luon tags

LuluAddict said...

Those are old tags but they are still in the wrong spot.

Anonymous said...

There were two Luon tags used a long time ago (atleast 3-4years). But I think they are supposed to be on the left handside of the garment.
Wow, just realized how long I've been working on my Lulu collection (over 6 years). Funny it feels like yesterday when I bought my first jacket and still pants.