Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Best Tanks for People Who Don't Want to Flash The Gym

Reader Yogini93 asks which tanks have the highest neckline so she won't flash the gym when she bends over. I looked through my closet and my files and I've come to the conclusion that 90% of the tanks Lululemon makes will show some cleavage. I think a lot of women get around this by layering another bra under for more coverage and support.  (My spin teacher layers another bra under her Power Ys.) You can also buy the tanks that you wear your own bra with and choose a style bra that comes up higher like the 50 Rep Bra, All Sport Bra, or by another manufacturer like the highly rated Moving Comfort Juno (I think I am going to give this one a try) or Moving Comfort Fiona

Of the lastest tanks to come out, I think there are two good candidates, the Dash Tank and the Stand Strong Tank. These aren't on the website yet (hopefully tomorrow) but you can probably order them through the GEC.

Dash Tank - No built in bra, but a high neckline. Made of luon light.
I also liked the new Stand Strong Tank. This tank is made of power luxtreme and has a built in bra with low/medium support.

Here is a quick run down of other tanks currently available on the website that might work:

For me, the Cool Racerback doesn't show any cleavage, certainly not like on the girl in the top photo. On me, the CRBs look like more like the second photo. I think I may be long between the shoulder and the start of my cleavage, though. I am also larger chested so the material may go out rather than down. I wear a Champion Powerback bra, not exactly a plunging bra, under my CRBs and the front never peeks out at all. This is a tank you could wear a higher coverage bra with. I have eight CRBs and really like them.

I think another good choice might be the Commit Tank. I don't recall showing any cleavage in it when I tried it on. I also tried it on over my Champion bra and it didn't show in front. However, I did find a photo of a larger busted woman showing a lot of cleavage in the Commit:

I tried on all of the following tanks and bent over to see if I saw a lot of cleavage: Push UR Limits, Scoop Neck, Power Dance, and Power Y. I showed a substantial amount of cleavage in all of them.  One tank that I didn't was the Swiftly Racerback. This is another tank that you wear with your own bra.

I haven't tried on the Mindful Tank since it seems to be a web-only item. It looks like it comes up pretty high.

Some older tanks that you might find on eBay are: 

I Just Wanna Run - wear your own bra, one of my favorites

Run Energy - wear your own bra, another favorite

No Limit - The No Limit doesn't show a lot of cleavage but does expose some skin on your sides. They are hard to find.

A really old tank, but you can find them on eBay fairly easily in new condition is the Repose Tank. I have a Repose and love it - it's super comfortable. It has a shelf style bra only - no cup pockets.

Repose Tank

Another beloved oldie is the Spark Tank. I have this one too. The front is all business but the back is hot. This also only has a shelf bra. These are also fairly easy to find in new, unused condition on eBay:

Spark Tank

If you don't like any of these, you can always try eBay for other older styles. Also, if you give up on tanks altogether the Run: Swiftly Tech Shortsleeve tee is awesome - very lightweight, breathable, and wicking. I have five and love them.

Readers - What styles do you recommend?


Anonymous said...

like yourself i love the CRBs bc they are so versatile in terms of function but also very stylish bc of the multitude of colors it comes in. being a "not so busty" lady the CRBs don't expose any unwanted cleavage but also don't feel like they come up too high either. i think its perfectly moderate. the only problem i have with the CRBs is finding the perfect bra to go with it...i hate the unsightly bra straps of my sports bras. you have any suggestions for me? i'd like something with moderate to high support.

ps love your blog!

LuluAddict said...

The 50 Rep is a decently supportive bra. I can't remember how well it hides under the CRB since the back strap is kind of wide. I'm thinking it pokes out a little on the sides.

Also, I think you can cross the straps of the Ta Ta Tamer and Bust Stops here and they hide pretty well under the CRB. I don't have either of those so I can say for sure but I bet some one here can help or you can try posting on Facebook.

The All Sport is very supportive in a smash you down way. However, the straps are visible in the back of the CRB.

LuluAddict said...

For maximum support, I really like my Champion Powerback bra. One of the readers of my blog suggested it - I think Zanna. It hides just about perfectly. They also make a non-underwire version. I am also thinking of trying the Moving Comfort Juno because it gets a lot of great reviews on a lot of different sites and people on FB have recommended it. That might be overkill for what you want but it comes in B to DD cups.

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to try the spark tank for a while, but I'm not sure what size I am (and I obviously can't try it on in stores). I usually run between an 8 and a 10 (I can wear both comfortably in scoopnecks and CRBs). Any thoughts on sizing??? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can find a Champion Powerback in Canada? Champion's Canadian website doesn't seem to exist and I have not been able to find it in the stores I have checked. Sears and the Bay and possibly SportChek carry some Champion stuff but not that bra. I find if I cross the straps of the TTT, they stick out horribly.

Anonymous said...

My 50 Rep Bra works great under the CRB. The back shows just a tiny bit, but not bad at all and the way it layers is kind of cool - it adds a little interest at the back.
Someone else mentioned this before, but what is driving me crazy lately is how the cups really show under a lot of these bras (and tanks with the built in bra). I really wish Lulu could come out with cups that you can't see a visible outline of under tanks and bras.
I've tried going without the cups in my supportive tanks, ie. Push Your Limits - but when I catch a glimpse of myself in the gym and realize the headlights are on - it is not a good situation. Especially when they aren't pointing in the same direction!!! :( Ugh!!

Kara said...

Yeah, the TaTa Tamer works fine with the straps crossed under a crb.
Thanks for this- I have so much trouble because I want something conservative on top, but looser on my stomach. If I size down to the point that the bust part is really supportive enough, the overall fit is very skin-tight, which I don't like. I suppose it's to be expected that they can't fit every body shape, but I really wish there could be one tank like this so I could buy several. My only option is then to layer a sports bra under a bra with a built-in which equals chaffing for me.
The cups drive me crazy in general- I know others who don't live near a store feel my pain. What other company makes you contact them separately for something that is free and should be included with the premium product you have already purchased? There is just something not right about that, dang it!! Ha.

Megan said...

I never mind if the bra shows,but for me, I have not had good success with the CRB at the gym. It's fine if I am standing upright, but if I bend over to do a deadlift or any other similar lift (or pushups), there is definitely cleavage.

The classic scoop neck actually holds me in nice and tightly (with my own bra and no cupcakes under). Plus, I think it's super cute when the t-back is a contrasting color.

I haven't tried the Heart tank extensively, but I bought it primarily b/c it came up nice and high, and the "firmness" of the fabric did not reveal cleavage when bending over in my try-on tests.

(I'm ~34c/size 6/8 for reference)

LuluAddict said...

I have been buying my Champion Powerbacks off eBay. However, if you read the Amazon reviews a lot of people said it ran small in the cups/band so I sized up one in each. My Donna Karan sports bra is a 36DD and I bought the 38DD in the Champion Powerback and it fits perfectly.

@ Kara - I have the same problem. I buy the tanks to be snug in the bust but then the tummy/hips is kind of tight since I'm a pear shape. I hate double layering bras with a built in bra because it becomes really constrictive around the ribcage. That's why I've been buying mostly tanks that you put your own bra under so I can customize the support.

Anonymous said...

fyi....just called the GEC and the only available dash tank for phone sales is static black.

Yogini93 said...

@LuluAddict- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This post is fantastic for those of us who don't live near a store. Thanks for listening to readers and putting up posts that help us find the right lulu items for us!!! A couple of tanks I also wanted to ask about were the heart tank and the power dance tank. Are these tanks super clevage tastic, or do they have higher necklines? Thank You!

LuluAddict said...

I tried on the HEart Tank and thought it didn't show a ton of cleavage but I didn't bend over in it. It also has adjustable straps that you can set to make the tank come higher. I like the Power Dance Tank a lot but most likely you will show some cleavage when you bend over if you are chesty.

I think a lot of how much cleavage you show depends on your build - like whether you long between the shoulder and breast, etc.. I found so many photos of the same tank where one woman shows a lot of cleavage and another one shows none.

Anonymous said...

The Heart Tank is a god send for those of us with big boobies who want coverage. :-)