Monday, November 15, 2010

Alpine Pullover & Cuddle Up - First Reviews

A couple of reviews of the new Run: Apline Pullover have been posted on Facebook. Two people have said it's tight in the shoulders and arms. So annoying they keep effing up this area on the running items.

The Alpine Pullover is $118.

People are saying the new batch of Cuddle Ups are running snugger than the previous batch, particularly Very Violet and Wish Blue. The Black (I think I labeled it as Coal) is the loosest of the three new colors.

Feel free to add your reviews.


Anonymous said...

Hate the neck on the Alpine and it is too expensive.

I would stay away from the violet Cuddle Up color is bleeding. I am very discerning purchasing Lulu clothes due to the quality decline of many items, Stride, Haze Define Jacket, bleeding colors.

Anonymous said...

does the color on the violet define bleed? I just purchased one last week. havent worn or washed it yet. hm... should i return it?

LuluAddict said...

@anon - Did you buy the Violet Cuddle Up and have an issue? It's a good idea in general. I am very careful with all my pink/purple colored lululemon these days, no matter what material they are made of. They are only washed with like colors or black and I take them out of the washer right away. I have had some hot pink technikini underwear and a potion purple swiftly tech tee bleed on me.