Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All The Flavors of the Run: Dash Pullover - Static Coal, Static Black, Wish, Persimmon, Static Teal Zeal, and Static Lilac

Static Coal

Static Black

Wish Blue


Static Teal Zeal

Static Lilac

As soon as I find a good full frontal photos of people modelling these other colors, I'll exchange them. I am really liking the Static Coal.


Luvlulu said...

I tried these on today and decided not to get it. It's quite a bit longer than the inspire which is ok but I don't run outdoors so I don't need the reflective arm strip. What I really need is just a Run Energy Pullover. I am so disappointed I wasn't shopping that the time those were released. That is exactly what I want, a simple clean design. I have the static plum inspire and decided that will be my one running luon pullover until something I really love comes out. I will be picking up the wish blue, very violet & possibly a haze Swiftly LS's this week in the store and a static wish CRB. That should satisfy my Lulu craving for a while.

RunningOnCoffee said...

called gec, in the us, size 6 - static coal, static black, persimmon and wish blue are available.

houndlvr67 said...

I love my static black one...especially, since it is longer as I am 5'11. It goes p-a-s-t my hip, which is saying something for a running pullover! There is a bit of "bling" on the static black, as the zipper looks "silver" but is plastic-it's shiny :-). I also think the back pocket will not pose a problem on this one-although the pocket isn't totally secured on all sides, it is sewn on in such a way that it will not cause chaffing. I immediately felt the pocket and the unfinished seams the moment I tried the Inspire pullover on-not on this one.

It is interesting to note, that this piece was made in Indonesia...all my other pullovers (from last year) were made in China. They DID change vendors this year on product which may be why they are having such glaring quality issues. My dad always told me not to buy a car in it's first model year ;-)!

RunningOnCoffee said...

Check out Lulu Saskatoon's fb page for nice detail shots of the dash pullover in the 4 colors I mentioned above.

Also, dash tights with wish blue and very violet waist bands in that album, so maybe the dash crop will come out with some more coordinating waist band colors too??

houndlvr- funny comment about first model year of car. Indonesia should have better working standards than China though! I associate China with poor quality.

Megan said...

I tried on the Dash l/s in wish blue today and was sort of "meh" on it.

I giant mea culpa - the Outward Bound pants were amazing on me - no pulling in the crotch, fine through the legs! And warm without the bulk of the dog whisperer. I don't mind the gylde front/tech fleece back in concept, I just hope the tech fleece too bad with the dog hair. I know the gylde will be fine.

Hoping for some l/s swiftly's today