Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Roses Print Live Simply Tee Coming and More Australian Product Alert Info

OK, I hate to re-use a photo so soon but from one of my Australian product alerts the following new versions of the Live Simply Tee are coming: White/Black Roses Print, White/Black Sailor Stripe, Black/Black Sailor Stripe, Lightening/Black (see the photo below - to me, this looks like a boys/mens tee).

Also coming is a Black Microstripe/Black Cool Racerback. That sounds really nice to me, especially if it has the black accent stitching like in the microstripe Scoop Neck from Hong Kong:

More Photos - Sailor Stripe Live Simply Tee; Scuba, Sparkle Cuddle Up, Hustle Jacket Close Ups

This photo is from the Yogapalooza album on the Halsted store page but I'm pretty sure it's the new Sailor Stripe Live Simply crewneck tee I've read about in product alerts. It seemed like most people in the photos were wearing the latest Lululemon so it's not a stretch to assume this is the Sailor Stripe.

Details on new Special Edition Scuba - the hood looks so soft

Detailed photos on the new Sparkle Cuddle Up jackets. Apparently the logo is not sparkly, just the material.

Close Up of the back of the Hustle Jacket

Other random thoughts - Does anyone think there will be a sneak upload tomorrow? I'll be sure to check the website anyway. 

Why did Lululemon change their facebook page so that you have to click the FILTERS button to then reveal the choice to see other posts besides the Lululemon-generated ones? Are they trying to make it harder to see all the quality-related complaints? 

People have been commenting on the high polyester content of the new Roses Print CRB. Can anyone tell me the polyester content of luxtreme? Anything luxtreme? I've ripped out all my labels in my luxtreme stuff. However, my older lullure tops (I think a forerunner of luxtreme) have a high polyester content so I don't know if I am bothered by a CRB with more polyester.

Also, I don't think there is a coal roses print only the Black Roses Print paired with either Coal (as in the case of the Stride Jacket) or black (as in the new Scoop Neck tank).

OT: For LA Area Yoga Wear Addicts - Beyond Yoga Sample Sale

It sure pays to "like" stuff on Facebook. There is a sample sale for Beyond Yoga this Saturday at the California Market Center. See this website for more info. I have relatives visiting but I wish I could go. Beyond Yoga is made in the USA and very soft and comfortable.

NEW! Mini Rucksack - Cute!

OMG how cute is this? I think I might have to get this. This is from a Canadian Product Alert so I don't know if it's in the states yet. It's $58.

Product Details:
  • A miniature version of a classic rucksack
  • Puffy nylon fabric is lightweight and perfect for winter
  • Front cargo pockets, interior mesh pockets
  • Special edition logo web straps
  • Tested to hold 50 lbs/22 kg
  • 11.5” x 5.5” x 12.5” 
  • Black, Power Purple

More Hustle Jacket Photos

Not the best photos but a little more close up than we've seen before.

Photo of the White Hustle Jacket

Has anyone tried this on yet or read a fit review? I am curious to know if it fits snug in the shoulders/arms like the Inspire. It's a bit fussy in the back but overall I really like the looks of this jacket.

More Photos of the Sparkle Cuddle Up Jacket

Sparkle Cuddle Up in Dark Classic Sport Gray - They are $108

Close up of the Sparkle Heathered Casis Color

Monday, November 29, 2010

More Photos of the New Items - Hustle Jacket, New Tank Colors, Sparkle Cuddle Up Jackets

Some more info on the new Hustle Jacket:

Fabric: DWR Swift ( Durable Water Repellant )
Colours: Plum Shale Stripe, Coal Shale Stripe, White Silver 1/16" Stripe
Sizes 2-12

-Reflective Panels
-Cuffs & Thumbholes
-Super soft liner with anti stink Circle Mesh
-Stowable hood
-Headphone cord exit

 New Scoop Necks and Power Y tanks in Black Roses and Power Purple Multistripe (also new Power Purple reversible Wunder Unders)

New Define Jackets in Coal Pique, Black Ruffles, and Coal/Power Purple

New Sparkle Cuddle Up Jackets - the Casis one looks cute with jeans

Canadians - Post Run Pullover Restocked, Also a Few Cuddle Up Jackets

The Post Run Pullover has been restocked on the Canadian side of the website in the Black, Wish, and Very Violet Colors. There are a few Cuddle Up sizes in Very Violet and Black.

NEW Colors - Power Purple Microstripe CRB/Power Y, New Yogi Dance Tank Colors

New Quilted Wunder Under Grooves with Power Purple

Cool Racerback in Heathered Power Purple Multi (or micro) - Stripe

New Colors in Grooves and Yogi Dance Tanks - the two Power Purple versions are on the left and the black Sailor Stripe is hiding behind the Haze on the right

 Power Y in Heathered Power Purple Multi Stripe

Stride Jacket in Power Purple/Power Purple Multi-Stripe

NEW! Hustle Jacket

New Hustle Jacket in plum (dahlia?) plaid. I am loving this color. The style reminds me a lot of the Track and Field Jacket with the bustle in the back but it has a lot of the elements of the Inspire, too. I hope it fits more like the T&F through the arms and shoulders.

Special Edition Scuba that Converts to a Vest

I think this is Plum but it could be Dahlia. I really like it.

Photo of the back of the SE Vest Scuba

NEW! Black Roses Cool Racerback & Scoop Neck Tank

I'm pretty sure this is the first time Lululemon has put a print on the CRBs.  This one is really cute but this is a print you have to cherry pick to get a good distribution of the pattern. I would guess this is a Coal Roses Print and the scoop neck is a Black Roses Print since it looks darker. I've seen product notices for both colors in this print.

Photo of the new SE Scuba as a Vest

The new SE Scuba also has a fleece hood. I might have to look into getting this. I like the idea of using it as a vest. If I find a back view, I'll post it.