Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Upload Preview? - New Colors and Prints

Some new colors of Power Ys were uploaded tonight. Here are the Very Violet, Persimmon/Coal, and Haze. I am really liking Haze.

Haze Power Y - Loving this!

Persimmon Power Y - Probably one of my favorite orange tones from Lululemon

Very Violet Power Y - Looks a lot like the old Jellybean here

It looks like there is also a Poncho Stripe and Coal Poncho Stripe Scuba Hoodie coming soon. Maybe even tomorrow. The photos are blanked out currently on the website. Last week, a couple of new Stride Jackets were briefly uploaded and people were able to order them. Today a woman posted a photo of her Coal/Black Roses Stride Jacket on Facebook. I am hoping some tanks will be coming out in the Black Roses print. Also, there is a Wish Blue / MOPS  (multi poncho stripe) Stride Jacket for Sale on Ebay.

Coming Very Soon - Coal / Black Roses Print Stride Jacket

Wish Blue / MOPS (Multi Poncho Stripe) Stride


Anonymous said...

Another purple? I know lots of people were asking for purple and they certainly gave us so many shades of purple lately. Some of them are so similar. Can I say am all purpled out?

LuluAddict said...

Sometimes the website doesn't represent the colors very well so in real life it may be more pink and less purple. I would like a raspberry red instead of more purple. They used to have a nice color called Sangria that I wish would make a comeback.