Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Try On Report - Power Dance Tank and Centered Pose Tank (Nice!) + Heart Tank Info

I got to try on the Power Dance Tank and Centered Pose Tank this morning. I really liked both of them and ended up buying the Power Dance Tank. In fact, I seriously considered getting two Power Dance Tanks but ended up going home with just one, for now.  The Power Dance tank comes in two flavors - the solid versions, in Wish Blue and Black, have power luxtreme tops and sheer luon bottom portion. The other two colors have a luon top and sheer luon bottom. That version comes in lilac space dye with lilac sheer luon bottom and the other is gray space dye with coal sheer luon. I honestly thought the luon version felt more supportive and less stretchy than the power luxtreme version. I ended up buying the gray space dye Power Dance Tank. The tank is $58.

 The tank is definitely moderate support and is very comfortable. The straps are wide and comfortable. The back is different looking but very comfortable. The built in bra is made from circle mesh.  I think the support is enough that I could get away with just the built in bra for low impact activities but for anything else I'd probably want to layer another bra underneath. This tank works for bustier ladies in that it gives good coverage - it doesn't show too much cleavage and comes up high in the armpits. The belly portion definitely poofs out and I don't think there is much you can do to minimize it. However, because the bottom portion is so lightweight and flowing it feels like you are not wearing anything but a sports bra. There is a drawstring at the bottom to cinch it for inverted positions. It fits true to size.

I also tried on the Centered Pose tank. I really liked it. The double straps are a different look and offer extra support. They are also adjustable. This tank would work for bustier woman in that it doesn't expose too much cleavage or armpit although it is lower support. Although the tank doesn't state it, the bottom portion felt like it was made of luon light.  It only goes up to a size 10 so I won't be buying one but I would consider it if it came in my size. It was a bit on the snug side so I would say it fits true to size and I didn't spill out of the top or sides so it should work for bustier women.

I also saw the new braided headbands but they look too thin for my head shape - I am afraid they'd roll right off my head.

I also got a product alert for the Heart Tank but didn't see this in my local store.

Heart Tank Product Info:
  • Feel open and free during your practice in this lightweight, open back tank
  • Made with luon® light - lightweight, breathable, cotton-like feel, 4-way stretch
  • Body hugging fit, moderate support, long length
  • Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit right for you
  • Mesh bra construction with built-in pockets for removable cups
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk


Michelle Q said...

Thanks for the review, Luluaddict! I'm hoping to make it to the store soon as well - do they have these at the Irvine or NB stores? I'm really excited about the power dance tank as I love my fouette tanks but need more support.

Anonymous said...

Ditto...thanks for the review! I love the looks of the lilac space dye power dance tank, and since I have moved away from any stores, I appreciate the fit info. you gave, although I'm still having a hard time deciding between the two sizes I wear (depending on support). I hope these are online soon!

Caro said...

Do you know what colours the Centered Pose Tank and Heart Tank are available in? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I really luv try-on reviews, thank-you! I don't like either of these tanks, but it's still nice to read the reviews & see the pics.

Zanna said...

@Caro : From my product notifications, The Centred Pose Tank comes in Wish Blue, Black Lilac/Lilac Space Dye & Coal/Coal Space Dye and Heart Tank comes in Plum/Static Plum, Black, Lilac/Cassic & Teal Zeal/Teal Zeal Space Dye.

LuluAddict said...

@ Michelle Q - The Power Dance Tank is at the Newport Store. That is where I bought mine. They have the Centered Pose tank but I only saw the Coal/Coal Space Dye. They may have had a black one, too, but I thought they said they only got the Coal one for now.

LuluAddict said...

@ Michelle Q - The Newport store did not have the Heart Tank when I was there this morning.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the reviews!

Anonymous said...

what bra will fit under the power dance tank, TTT, powerback...?

LuluAddict said...

I haven't tried it yet, but I think the Powerback might fit pretty well. My husband already went to bed so I can't go in my room to find out right now. I'll try it tomorrow. I think a Flow Y would, too. I'll try some tomorrow and let you all know.

LuluAddict said...

I tried the Champion Powerback bra under the Power Dance Tank this morning. The bra doesn't show in the front. It peeks out a bit in the back - the straps in top stick out a little on either side. It also shows at the bottom of the racerback back strap because the racer back strap is narrower than the bra. I can live with how much it shows. I didn't try a Flow Y under it yet.

Anonymous said...

thanks for trying bras on with it :)