Saturday, October 30, 2010

Random Photos of the Newest Stuff - Peace of Mind Vest, Lilac Centered Pose Tank, Live Simply Pant

I am a sucker for a photo showing a nicely coordinated outfit. Here is one that I like a lot. I can totally picture wearing this to watch my kids play soccer on a cool fall day, going to visit the mile high apple ranches (not orchards, mind you, we have apple ranches in California  ;-)  ) in Oak Glen, CA, or taking the kids trick or treating tomorrow night.

 Peace of Mind Vest, Teal Zeal LS Run Swiftly, Dance Studio Pants (?), and matching Striped Brimmed Beanie

Lilac Centered Pose Tank - I liked the Centered Post when I tried it on. The Lilac is very pretty.

A high quality photo of the newest Fast in Flight Bag - the outside of this one is the wooly feeling material not nylon

High quality photo of the new chunky scarf - so that's how to use the pocket. I still think $68 is a lot for a scarf

 Wunder Under Pants

Push UR Limits in Teal Zeal (with Gather and Crow Crops)

Live Simply Pant


Anonymous said...

Is the grey Peace of Mind Vest a new item??! Don't see on the website at all. Would be stoked to get a hold of one in NoCal - got any intel?

Mel said...

That Peace of Mind Vest came out about a month or so ago. Think the color is Daze and it reverses to Coal.

ojodeazul said...

It is very soft too. My store is on their third shipment.