Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pics - Swiftly Long Sleeve & Boogie Shorts

The Teal Zeal Swiftly long sleeve tee looks a heck of a lot like Lagoon. I'd love to see the two colors next to each other. I think I am going to have to get the Lilac.

Teal Zeal and Lilac Swiftlys

Lagoon Swiftly Tech - Looks like Teal Zeal to me

Static Charcoal/Wish Blue Boogie Shorts


Becky C said...

I love those boogie shorts in the static and wish blue! I normally would not consider such a tight/short short but I may try these on if I see them. I'm paranoid about cellulite issues :)

Luna said...

Lilac is a must. :) Teal zeal, not so much.

Canadian eh said...

Why the white tank under the lagoon on the web model? That drives me crazy! I want to know how shear it is

phxrnr said...

I bought the teal zeal one yesterday - it's beautiful. But it does match my march checkmate shorts with lagoon in it almost perfectly. Nice thing is that it goes with all of the plaid that has river rock in it too.

Anonymous said...

The lilac LS swifty is not so nice. I just tried it on and it looks very sheer and kind of cheaper material-wise. I guess i prefer the richness of the darker purples/colors. Also, I find that it's pale color will emphasize imperfections being so tight?