Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pics of New Stuff - Lilac Inspire Pullover, New Defines, Heart Tank, Dash Tights, & More

Photo of the new Static Lilac Run: Inspire Pullover and new Run: Dash Tights. The static lilac Inspire Pullover is actually very pretty. I still don't love the style that much and am holding out hope for an Energy Pullover re-release but the lilac is very nice. The new Inspires are also coming in Static Black, Static Teal Zeal (I think we saw that one in the sneak peek video), and Static Plum.

Remember This? Could it Be the Static Teal Zeal Inspire Pullover from the July Sneak Peek Video?

The various permutations of the Run: Dash Tight

Side View of the Run: Dash Tight - What would you put in that holster pocket? ;-)

 Run: Dash Tight.

The Heart Tank looks very interesting. I'm not sure if it would work for me but I like that it comes up kind of high and has nice thick straps. It looks like it is designed to accommodate larger busted ladies. I like that Lululemon is playing with adding a secondcolor and using static and space dye as a small accent with the solids in tanks other than the Scoop Neck. My store - Newport Beach - did not have it yet for me to try on this morning.  In other news about the Newport Beach store, they are being remodeled and made larger. The educator told me it is supposed to be finished in early December and they are going to have a grand re-opening. I hope that means some goodies.

Heart Tank in Black, Casis/Lilac, Plum/Static Plum, Teal Zeal/Teal Zeal Space Dye

New Define Jackets in Lilac and Static Plum

Power Pose Crops - The seams are kind of fun on this

Power Pose Pant

Power Dance Tank in Gray Space Dye and Coal - this is the color I bought (and am wearing right now)

More Power Dance Tank

Centered Pose Tank

Dog Whisperer Jacket - I never realized how much extra fabric there is in the front with that weird pleat

New Skinny Satin Pirouette Headbands


Anonymous said...

I tried on a static teal zeal inspire on Tuesday. It was nice, but I passed, I already have 2.l

Becky C said...

The Power Pose pants look like they would be good for running...and they are cute in static!

amber said...

I'm loving the teal Heart Tank - I think I have to have it!

em said...

Do you know if the run dash tights are luon or luxtreme?