Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pic - Poncho Stripe Power Y & Info About New Colors

Update - I just got a product notice from a SoCal store. The new CRB colors are:  Static Wish Blue, Static Very Violet, Haze with Charcoal (? not sure about the Charcoal part, I don't see Charcoal in the photo below), Persimmon. The new colors for Power Ys are: Persimmon with Coal, Haze, Very Violet, Multi-Poncho Stripe, Static Wish Blue, Static Very Violet.

PLUM Run Dash LS Update - I got a product alert from a NYC store, they are saying they have the Plum Dash LS in the store. That must mean it will be in the GEC soon, right? I'll have to call again. They said they didn't have it earlier today. 

Oooh, the new Poncho Stripe items are hitting the US. This is from the Bend, OR showroom. BTW, why are the showrooms getting stuff before the regular stores? Last week, the Laguna Hills showroom got the new Dash LS before the Newport store which is one of the biggest selling Lululemon stores in Southern California, if not the state.

The color code for this tank is MUPS/WSHB for Multi-poncho stripe/wish blue. I am a sucker for wide stripes. I really like it, even if it is a little beachy.

The same store also posted a photo of the new Haze CRB. I love this color. There could be other new colored CRBs under it - static wish and perhaps static very violet (thanks, ChiRunner) lilac although it looks a little dark for static lilac but not dark enough for static plum.


ojodeazul said...

Must have heathered wish, must have..

ChiRunner said...

Static Very Violet maybe?

LuluAddict said...

ChiRunner - you are a genius - I bet it is static very violet.

Anonymous said...

Hooray, I was hoping for a static very violet CRB (although I really like the static wish too...)!