Sunday, October 10, 2010

OT - Zobha Wide Leg Pant Try On Review

I recently bought Zobha Lounge pants for $30.99 during their 70% off sale and love them. The fit reminds me a lot of organic grooves - tight until your knee and then looser and a flare at the ankle. The material is light and stretchy and doesn't bag or pill. There are offset seams down the front and back of your leg which add visual interest. I really love them. Because I liked the material in the Lounge pant so much I thought I would try the Zobha Wide Leg pants thinking they might be like a cotton version of my beloved Lululemon Still pants and paid full price for them.
I was really disappointed. The material is much thicker, stiffer, and less stretchy than in the Lounge pant and the hems are unfinished at the bottom. It's hard to see in the above photo but there are seams along the hip that go into a point on the side of the hip. I found them really noticeable, meaning I could feel them, and added visual width to my rear. In the Still pants the wide leg starts from the rear down but these started farther down the thigh and just seemed to add visual bulk. I am returning them for another pair of Lounge pants.


momof5 said...

Another OT: Got a Burberry Alert - and they have a winter coat amazingly similar to the Apex -- but theres is down fill and 448

Anonymous said...

zobha is having a sale right now for layering tops, jackets and bottoms. they have a harem pant for $49 that has only 10% of the fabric LLL uses in their's (jk...but they look way better than LLLs). lots of jackets comparable to LLL, too.