Monday, October 4, 2010

New Stuff Part 1 - Scoop Necks & Push UR Limits

Scoop Neck Tanks in Teal Zeal Space Dye, Plum/Static Charcoal, Lilac/Lilac Space Dye, and solid (!) Wish Blue

Yay! The new stuff is here. I am loving the Plum. It looks more wine than purple.  I hope it comes out in some tank styles I like. I like the Scoop Neck a lot but since it's full weight luon I find it kind of hot to work out in. However, I may have to break down and get it, it's so pretty.

Push UR Limits in Teal Zeal, Lilac/Casis, Plum/Static Plum

I love the matching Grooves in the photo. Love!


Sarah said...

I could definitely see myself buying a pair of the grooves to match the plum tops. So pretty!!

Anonymous said...

I love how it matches too, but the tops on me always cover the waistband so nobody sees. They should make the waistband detailing extend further down so everybody can really see how well we put ourselves together! :)

Anonymous said...

I am liking the plum Push Ur Limits. I also like the Teal Zeal (I always like colors like that) but it looks an awful lot like my Lagoon stuff in these pics!

Anonymous said...

I saw pants today at Target made just like luon. They were similar to the groove pants - they were black with a blue or pink waistband and reversable to all black. The fabric was 86% nylon and 14% Lycra! They are C9 by Champion for $36. I should've bought them to test them out.
I also saw jackets and tops online at Target with the thumb holes!! But, these were not the nice "luon" material.