Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Colors - Brushed Define Jackets and Gather & Crow Crops (+ More)

New Brushed Defines in Lilac, Teal Zeal, and Wish Blue

The new Defines have the "brushed" luon (not the Wish Blue, though) which is a bit warmer than regular. I've tried on before, it does seem a little thicker and warmer.

 Teal Zeal Define

New Colors in the Gather and Crow Crops - Lilac Space Dye and Teal Zeal Space Dye

Teal Zeal Space Dye Gather and Crow Crops

 Belt It Up Pant - Tight through the booty and looser in the lower leg. I'd love to see this in one size up on this woman but I wonder if they'd then be too baggy in the legs. It looks plenty loose in the lower leg part and her rear and thighs look in proportion with her lower legs. I wonder if these have an odd fit.


Anonymous said...

IMO, because the grey belt loops in the Belt It Up Pant draw my eye up, the illusion of the waistband seems lost and the rise looks higher giving the longer bum effect. Will try them on anyway but I don't think I'll be a fan. Maybe if the loops weren't as thick...

Anonymous said...

Are the defines fully brushed or is it just the collar (like static plum)?

Megan said...

The static plum Define has the fleecy color AND the brushed interior. The entire interior is brushed luon; it's subtle but it's there.

I don't think all of the new Defines are brushed - I touched the Wish Blue one in the store the other day and it was not.

prairie80 said...

I haven't seen a flattering photo of those belt it out pants yet!

The wish blue define is so pretty.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks, Megan, I'll put a note in the text about the Wish Blue Define. I haven't felt them yet.