Monday, October 4, 2010

More Pinnacle Jacket Pics

This girl looks really nice in the Pinnacle Jacket but, as my mom used to say, she'd probably look nice in a burlap sack.  ;-)


Anonymous said...

I like the apex better!

I was lucky enough to get a nice white one at the Hamilton warehouse sale this week, for $99 plus 20% off! (cashier made a mistake on my purchase while ringing it in!)
Definitely a more stylish piece for $80! Hooray!

LuluAddict said...

Wow! Great deal!

Melissa said...

I just purchased this in the grey colour in a size 4 (what I usually wear in Lulu) but am thinking about returning it. I am allergic to wool (skin breaks out into rashes) and I live in Toronto so I do need a warm winter coat. My reason for maybe returning it, is the 4 is a bit snug when worn with a sweater but the 6 is way too big and over powers my petite frame.

It is pricey but seeing my delimina I figured this would last for a few years and be worth it. I'm thinking of returning it and getting the everyday yoga jacket instead. As I need a winter coat for walking the dog and going to/from the car.

Do you know if Lulu will be coming out with more winter coats?


Anonymous said...

are these jackets still available?

Anonymous said...

I want to get one of these for my wife for Christmas. Do you know if they would accept a custom order?