Saturday, October 30, 2010

Make Still Pants in More Colors, Please!

The Still and Be Still pants are my daily pants this time of year but I only have four pairs - Teak Brown, Coal, Static Charcoal, and Black. If they came in more colors, I'd get them, particularly a khaki green or a very dark gray. I wouldn't mind a pair in pinstripe, like the new Wunder Unders. Years ago, Lululemon made pinstripe Still Pants (and Grooves).

Make Still Pants in Pinstripe, too, please!

Here are some photos of older Still/Be Still pants:

 Still Crops in Pinstripe (see, they did exist)

 Burgundy Stills

Deep Navy Amica Stripe - These are wild. I've been trying to get my hands on pair of these for years, now.

Mud and Heathered Classic Sport Gray Jersery.


Branch Brown - would love this color to come back


Anonymous said...

branch was a great colour. I get asked about them every time I wear them.

Mudd on the other hand was insanely ugly. It actually looked like old, rotting farm mud (not attractive).

Would love a dark navy to come back.

or a dark army green (but there's a fine line between gross and perfect with regards to army green in my opinion)

I also missed out on the organic stills last year-would love to see those make a comeback.

Striped ones always end up on the markdown racks, so I think it'd be silly for them to try those again.

Anonymous said...

I live in my be still and still pants aswell. Or now my new favorite love is the dance sweat pant - i picked up my third pair today there just so comfy for lounging around in and dont get picky like luon.
I would love for them to bring the organic cotton be stills or stills back as well!
I hate the static stuff they have out for greys now. it feels like pjs to me although i love my still shorts in the static but something about the pants scream pjs. I have a pair of heather charcoal be stills and id love another pair similar to it. I also managed to grab a pair of navy on mark down just before the switched back to the stills from the be stills.
I would love love love a brown or even those burgandy ones you have in the photo. so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

all of those striped ones looked hideous... they would look like pajamas or sailor costumes on!

Anonymous said...

agreed. Sorry, but those blue and white striped things are disgusting-def a pattern best left to PJ's (and even then, they'd be pushing it)
The black and white aren't much better.

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw some brushed Stills on the website a couple weeks ago, but they seem to have disappeared. I'd love to see navy blue and maybe a pretty plum colour. I am a fan of solid colours for bottoms, although a pretty pattern on the waistband is always nice.

Neph said...

I agree...the navy stripe stills look like jammies, but you are in luck (if you are a size 8). There's a pair on Ebay right now.