Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lululemon - Portland Marathon Tested

This is a photo of my sister running in the Portland Marathon two weeks ago. She is wearing Run: Cross Train crops and a Lilac long sleeve Swiftly over a Power Y. She had just bought her first LS Swiftly and Lululemon running crops the night before so she had never run in them before. She was really happy with how her clothes performed for the marathon. She told me tonight that she thinks Lululemon crops fit better through the crotch area than her Nike bottoms and really likes them. She also bought a pair of Inspire crops that day and loves those, too. She said she spotted a lot of people wearing Lululemon in the marathon.


Anonymous said...

I bought my first LS Swiftly in grey and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It might be my favourite lulu product ever!

Marci said...

She looks great, I was thinking of trying those crops so I appreciate the review from a fellow runner. I love my Swifly now especially for the weather in Southern Ontario in the fall (40F -55F ish)

RunningOnCoffee said...

Looks like it was raining for the marathon - that's no good!! Congrats again to your sister.

I have a swiftly ls in the same color. I like it except for needing to wear my watch over the top of my sleeve since the cuffs are snug.

I enjoyed lulu-watching during my half last month.

I would agree about crotch fit in lulu vs. nike (my full length lined winter running tight is nike). I wouldn't say the nike pair is bad, it's just better with the lulu crops/tights. But lulu doesn't make a comparable winter tight (lined for warmth plus wind resistant on the thighs).

Luvlulu said...

The Run: Cross Train crops are my favorite. My local store already has them on markdown but there aren't any 4's left, only 10's & 12's. I am wearing my first swiftly LS in Lolo right now, So comfy!

Luvlulu said...

I tried on the Run: Dash Pullover today at my gym. They only had liliac. It seems a little longer than the Run: Inspire. The zippers on the lilac are silver and remind me of the ones from the Flashback Jacket but maybe not quite as sharp. I wanted to wear it as a casual top but with the reflective stripe and the ruffles on the arm it looks much more like a workout top, than casual wear. I'll probably wait for the wish blue one to come out and see how I like that color.