Thursday, October 7, 2010

Facebook Dialogue on the New Pant Model

This was kind of funny so I have to post:

(The top thread was a listing of the main discussion topics of the day)

#5 New Model's Bum: Thumbs Up all around, lets hope Bubble Butt is here to stay!



- #5 is hilarious! 

- haha Lily! this is great! i don't like the new model's toes. the pinky toes especially...i don't know why, they just bother me. 

- Nice butt i must agree. Her elbows need a scrub and to moisturize :)


Anonymous said...

Hi LuluAddict - this comment is NOT about the new model's badonkadonk, but it's just as important!

Do you watch Project Runway? Well, I do. And in tonight's episode, the challenge was to design three head-to-toe looks to be a part of Heidi Klum's activewear line for New Balance. Anyway, the winning design was by Andy and it's IDENTICAL to Lululemon's Stride Jacket. Like exact same design. I was wondering if you could blog on this... Part of the "prize" for winning the challenge is for the winning design to be sold on along with Heidi's activewear line. But there's no way Lululemon would them her knock off their design. I checked Amazon and I don't see anything for sale yet. Can you look into this for me?? I couldn't believe it when I saw his design walk down the runway!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who spends their time checking out close-up's of the model's toes and elbows really needs go get out of the house and find a life.

Zanna said...

Somebody from FB posted the link to the pics of the designs. The first hoody is clearly using the lulu logo. Am surprised that the judges or any of the producers did not catch on to that. I don't think Heidi is allowed to reproduce it. It will be copyright infringement of the use of the logo. Also, the the designs don't look like they can be worked out in.

RunningOnCoffee said...

Check out this link:

He must be a fan of lulu's harem pants too.

What's wrong with the model's pinky toe? I wouldn't have even thought to look at her toes. I have tiny pink toes!

Anonymous said...

seriously...people have nothing better to do but criticize (and compliment) models body parts?
I don't even notice this stuff....I'm looking at the clothes!

RunningOnCoffee said...

Zanna- link didn't work for me. Would love to see what everyone's talking about. I don't want Project Runway.

Becky said...

Link didn't work for me either.

ChiRunner said...

Obviously, New Balance thought Andy's design was way too close to the Lululemon logo too because the actual hoodie - which is up on the HKNB page on Amazon for pre-sale - doesn't incorporate the Lulu-like part of the design at all.

Zanna said...

Sorry, I'm not sure how else to post a link here. It gets cut off. I'll try again. But basically after the link posted, add .html after the numbers. Hope it works.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing about the hoodie on project runway! It had almost the exact same symbol as lululemon's trademark on it! I thought I was being silly, how funny!

freber said...

I'm just annoyed that people would nitpick about the model. It's horrible that people expect or even want Lululemon to photoshop their models to be the fake perfect we are told is the expectation these days. I'm disgusted with everyone who wastes their time critiquing the models. As if they're perfect, right?