Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cute Lab Shirt - Countdown Pullover

I really like this new offering from the Lab. It's the Countdown Pullover and it's $68. I like the length, the A-line, the flattering V-neck that will reveal the tank underneath, the wide band at the bottom, and the vertical seams in the back and front. I can live without the kangaroo pocket in the front and the thumbholes in the sleeves (would prefer more of a bell-shaped sleeve) but overall it's a nice top. I wish there was a Lab in LA. California's got a ton of Luluemon stores, don't we deserve a Lab of our own?  ;-)


ChiRunner said...

I love this. I would buy it in a heartbeat. Longer, tunic length tops like this are the only way I'll wear tighter fitting bottoms like the wunder unders or energize pants.

UpwardDog said...

Love this too! Totally agree about feeling more comfortable in tops like these when wearing WU's... I have this on the way to me from someone in BC who bought it and is shipping it to me.
Can I ask about the energize pant? I have my eye on a pair with the pocket on the back - any difference in fit btw the older style and new?

LuluAddict said...

@ChiRunner - I love tunic length tops, too, to go over my tight pants. I'm ok wearing them in the gym but when I run errands I definitely like to have my rear covered. That is the reason I like my Wear With All and Gather Together jackets so much.

@oaharvey - I am going to the store today and will let you know about the fit of the new versus the old energize pant.

UpwardDog said...

Great! Can't wait to hear your two cents! :)