Sunday, October 3, 2010

Citron Baseball Hat & New Braided Headband

I had read on Facebook there was a Citron women's baseball hat but this is first time I've seen a photo of it. I would love it if a blue hat showed up.

Also, there is a new style headband, the Braided Headband. The US doesn't always get all the headband styles and colors so I have no idea if it will show up here. It looks kind of skinny so I don't know if it would work for me. The wider ones seem to stay on my head better.

A long time ago, there was a braided Free Spirit headband but it never came to the US. I always wanted to try it.

Free Spirit Headband - older style that never made it to the US


Anonymous said...

Citron ball cap - love it!!

momof5 said...

Looks like the new color run is plum, lilac and teal zeal - looks like my wallet will be safe for 45 days!! they have a teal space dye -- so not my style!

The lilac is pretty but looks so much like power purple --

LuluAddict said...

@momof5 - I so agree with you unless there is a new tank in the Plum. I have enough Push UR Limits, Power Ys, and Defines. I already have a couple of Lavender tanks from last spring so that rules out Lilac for me. I would dearly love some neutrals.