Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Celebs in Luluemon - Gisele and Tom

These photos are from the spring, but I'll use any excuse to post a photo of Tom Brady:

Tom Brady in the Pacific Beach Hoodie

Gisele Bunchen in the Exhale Jacket, Still Pants, and Lulu Hat - I like that she wears Lululemon for her casual wear. Just like me  ;-)


amber said...

Yes, please feel free to post pics of Tom whenever you like. ;) Although, he can cut that hair any day now. Blech!

Michelle Q said...

LOVE Gisele's look - I wish the Still Pants made me look that long and lean - the legs on my Stills are so much wider!

Anonymous said...

Does lulu still sell that hat? what is the name of that hat? thanks!

CHAD SIEGE said...

That is not a Lulu hat. It is a Goorin bros. hat. I own one of them as they are only $30.