Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still and Be Still Pants - My Fall Favorite

Now that the weather is cooler, I can return to my mom-uniform of Still/Be Still Pants, a CRB, and a Define Jacket. The Stills are a great all-around basic - for running errands, kicking back, or low impact workouts. I use mine for streetwear and have four pairs - black, teak, coal, and static charcoal. I am dying for a green color like heathered amazon.

Still Pants on left and Be Still Pants on right

For those who are new to Lululemon, the company bounces back and forth every couple of years producing the Still Pant with a wider leg and the Be Still pant with a tapered thigh and flared bottom. The front pocket also changes between rounded and square corners with the style. I have two pairs of each but I probably like my black Be Still pants the best because of the slightly tapered thigh and bottom flare.

They run large so you might want to size down at least one size. Also, the current model photos on the website are horrid. Lululemon used to have much cuter photos but the angle the current ones are taken so their legs look awful. Anyway, try them on. I don't think anyone's Luluelmon wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of Stills.

Still Pants on the tv show Castle


Anonymous said...

What top is that in the first photo? Is it non-Lulu?

Zanna said...

I have both and I love them. So flattering and comfortable. I wear them every chance I get. However, I do wish that the logo was not on the leg, then I think I can get away with wearing it to work.

Zanna said...

Anon 5.32 pm : Looks like Lulu's Run Race Tech Mesh from last year.

Here's the link or you can just google it.


Anonymous said...

I love my Still pants, and I really like my Be Stills. I am on the hunt for brushed luon Stills this fall/winter. I like the static too, so soft.

LuluAddict said...

My black Be Stills have a black logo, like the ones they use at the lab except bigger. I love that the label is so subtle. I've had lots of people come up and tell me I have a "sticker" on the leg of my pants. I would much prefer same-color lululemon logos on everything.

Anonymous said...

Aren't both of these pants wide at the bottom? I remember trying these on in Feb. when my store had them and they seemed so wide, like bell bottoms. Do they fit that way on you? Are the Be Stills the more straighter leg version? I was thinking about getting the relaxed fit pant for casual wear because they weren't so wide, are these similar?

Anonymous said...

I pulled my black be stills out tonight as well for this "cool" socal weather. Best purchase ever considering I got them on markdown for $29! They are a staple in my work (from home) uniform ;)

Anonymous said...

okay...could you tell me? do the be stills have the square pocket??
I have some pants and want to order more but can't remember if they are stills or be stills.