Friday, September 24, 2010

Relaxed Fit Crops $49 in Loot (US Side)

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of crops for workouts, you might want to check out the Relaxed Fit crops that are currently in (US) Loot for $49. They are snug through the rear and looser in the leg. These are a good pant for people with "athletic" thighs. I think if you get your regular groove size you'll be ok. There are some complaints with pilling in the reviews but that is true of a lot of the Lululemon items these days. For $49 I can live with some pilling. I've owned a pair of an earlier version of Relaxed Fit Crops (sold them because of the color) and own two pairs of Extend crops and a pair of Extend pants which are very similar. The snug in the booty, looser in the thigh is one of my favorite Lululemon styles for the gym. The waistband is a little looser fitting than Groove crops so you won't get that Spanx effect but you won't get muffin top, either.


Anonymous said...

I jumped on these and worried about how snug they were. I have the Be Still crops and wear them all the time. I hope I love these just as much. Thanks for all the great info you provide here!! (And entertainment too!)

ragazza said...


I went up to the lulu outlet in NY this weekend and thought I'd share what was there (and prices, for what I remember). This will likely give you all an idea of what is going to be on loot soon.

-run: reflection vest $34
-some older define/stride (angel blue, passion) jackets $79
-CRBs in mac & cheese and lime - $19
-CRBs in alarming/oasis/potion/angel - $29
-cobra crops $34
-astro pants in grey/static grey - $59
-all shorts & skirts - $9
run: x-train pullover - $79
-run w/ it crops - I don't remember the price
-older color empower crops - $69
-lots of swiftly ss and racer backs (including oasis & alarming) - probably $34 but I'm not 100% sure
-run revitalize ss - $34
-run: revitalize singlet - don't remember the price
-dance crops - still too much for what they are
-relaxed fit crops in all colors - $49
-Wuder unders*org
-Wunder grooves in wish blue/black reversible

There was a lot of other stuff and good deals to be had... if you live near central valley NY I'd definitely recommend visiting.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks for posting this. I would definitely pick up the Refection Vest at $34, Cobra crops at $34, and Short Sleeve Swiftlys at $34. I wish they'd put an outlet in the southwest but I have to say I do pretty well shopping the markdown rack at my local stores.

ragazza said...

@luluaddict - yeah I got the vest & the cobra crops, as well as a CRB in mac & cheese, astro pants and the revitalize ss in oasis... I also kicked myself for paying full price for the x-train pullover in august when I saw it for $20 less at the outlet.

None of my local stores do a lot of markdowns until the website does 'em first, so the outlet is kind of like my happy place.

Luvlulu said...

I bought these relaxed fit crops in the store last week for this price. I love them. I have always wanted a pair for casual around the house and running errands but didn't want to pay full price. I would have preferred all black but all my shirts cover the colored band so it doesn't matter. I also bought the relaxed fit pant too. We are going to be traveling in a few weeks and I wanted something comfortable in the car but that didn't look too casual. Everyone likes the still pants. I am petite 5'2" and I can wear size 2 but they just hang on me. One of the educators said the pants were wearing me. There is just too much material. I have the still shorts and love them. Hopefully the relaxed fit pant will do the job. I hope new colors come out soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow I wish I had a outlet like that near us. But than again, my wallet would look very sad.

Anonymous said...

Nice list, ragazza. I may be going there in a month or so. I've been waiting for the Revitalize singlet to go on sale, to match the Revitalize skirt I paid way too much for!

Anonymous said...

This makes me so sad, ragazza. I've been looking for the Run With It in 6 forever, but haven't been able to get it. It makes me so annoyed that Lulu has such inconsistent inventory & pricing. No other store has inventory at an outlet when there are people wanting to pay full price, but Lulu does this all the time. It's almost like they're TRYING to lose money or something.