Monday, September 20, 2010

New - Escapade Jacket - Very Cute! (In US Stores Now)

  • Tackle your cold weather escapades with attitude and style!
  • Softshell fabric has 2-way stretch and protects from wind and rain, keeping you warm and dry
  • Soft inner fleece for warmth
  • Hood with double cinchers - cinch in to block the elements or cinch back so you can see!
  • Cuffins to keep hands warm and thumbholes to keep sleeves down
  • Reinforced rain brim
  • $228 (!)
  • Black, Coal, Magic Mani Print (not sure of the color)

This looks like a cute jacket but overkill for southern California. It's in stores in the US now.

Here is a Remix in an Ivory Magic Mani Print:


Anonymous said...

I think the third color is a purple-similar to lavender/pow purple

Anonymous said...

There was a mention of Lululemon on the Rachel Zoe project in episode Zoe vs. Zoe. I am not sure if Molly Simms wore Lululemon or not.

momof5 said...

I got a product notification from Nordstrom this morning for a new Zella coat (started by a ex lulu designer) -- what a sharp jacket! and $98 -- interesting price point, huh!

Anonymous said...

@momof5 : I went to the link you posted and I love the back details at the back of the jacket. So unique and looks much more expensive that $98. To be honest the front didn't look too exciting. But not sure about the fabric though.

Anonymous said...

the third colour is supposed to be similar to periwinkle with a coal manifesto.
I wonder who was in charge of distribution of this jacket....makes great sense to release a winter jacket in the US before Canada, eh?
I am glad I did not get the Audrey, this jacket is much more appropriate for my climate.

danadcbc said...

Unrelated but did you see all the lululemon on DWTS last night? Even Florence Henderson was wearing Grooves. :)

Anonymous said...

That hoodie you have is not mani print at all, but a manifesto print. There is a difference.

Anonymous said...

where can i find this jacket in the dark grey?