Monday, September 6, 2010

Lots of New Items - Run Cross Train Crop, Personal Best Singlet, Reversible Swell Jacket, Personal Best Skirt

Run: Cross Train Crop

These run crops don't look too ground-breaking except that the mesh is extending higher up the leg than in previous designs. The design in the back looks nice but I'd still probably get solid black.

Run: Personal Best Singlet

I'm not sure how the seaming under the bust would work for a larger busted person but since the last run singlet that came out only went to a size 10 it might not be an issue for me. I'll try it on, but since I don't feel immediate lust upon seeing this photo, my bank account is probably safe. If I find a photo of the back, I'll post it.

Reversible Swell Jacket

I like the simple lines of this jacket. It looks like one side may be made of a windbreaker material. I will post more photos and details as I find them but I like the looks of this jacket.

 Ringer Tee-Style Run Swiftly

I forgot to put in the photo of this new ringer-tee style of the run Swiftly tee. I like it!

Run: Personal Best Skirt

 Better Pic of the Inspire

I'm still only feeling "eh" towards this top. I have three running luon pullovers (two Hills, one Energy) already so I can afford to wait for one I like better. I went to one of my local stores yesterday to see if they had these yet but they didn't. They are expecting a bunch of boxes tomorrow and later this week.


RunningOnCoffee said...

Any idea if the personal best singlet is racerback? I'm guessing yes. Are these pictures coming in from various stores? Even though it takes my store forever to get stuff, I guess I should stop by soon and see what's new, I have only looked online for the last month or so.

LuluAddict said...

These photos are from the Somerset in Troy, Michigan store. They have been beating the other US stores to posting photos of new stuff lately.

I would assume the personal best is a racerback - it certainly looks that way from the front.

I would wait a couple of days to visit or give them a call. It sounds like my local stores won't be getting these until a little later this week.

ragazza said...

I have 8 pairs of luxtreme crops, and yet I can't say no when I see another style come along (or a good price on ebay for my favorites -- the empowers.) The X-Train crops look the most like my beloved empowers out of this batch, but I'm not sure if I need another pair of crops with circle mesh on the back as we move into fall/winter.

I'm probably going to either get these or a second pair of inspires (HATED them at first, but now I like them alright) in lolo + a size smaller since they run big, because they're better for fall.

I DO really want the inspire pullover in lolo, but that's probably because I'm a new convert and the only pullover I own is the crosstrain one in oasis. Mmm... oasis.

Luvlulu said...

I really want to try these luxtreme crops. I only own 2 pair, run with it & run zoom. The empowers & inspires are too long for me because I'm 5'2". They look like ankle pants. I didn't like the last crop that had the zipper pocket on the leg, so hopefully I will like the length of these.

My store is getting the inspire pullovers on Wed. I don't have a running luon on yet so I will definitely get one of these. I like it but I don't like the reflective zipper. I know it's great for runners for visibility but I just want my pullover for a gym jacket.

LuluAddict said...

@ ragazza - What did you hate about the Inspire crops?

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering i just got empower crop in size 4 and 6 and see which size fit me better. Is anybody got same crop in diffrent size? or will crop eventually stretch out so better to get smaller size? Especially the empower crop is very popular and seems can't get easily so i may have to keep...both...

Anonymous said...

oh another question about empower crops.
Is coal/angel blue crop will show sweat mark??

Anonymous said...

Hi LuluAddict,

Love your blog!

Question about the Run: Cross train crops: What color is pictured there? Is it a black/dark grey combo? Or is that some sort of blue? I just bought the Run:Fast crops in black/4 and they are too big (legs fit great but waist may fall down with rigorous exercise). Of course, everywhere in the US are out of size 2, so I'm ecstatic to see a new running crop coming out soon! My store hasn't gotten them in yet.. but need to snatch up a size 2 as soon as they come in!

Thanks for what you do!

ragazza said...

@LuluAddict -- the Inspires are just cut really funny compared to all the other crops I own. I'm a solid size 10 in anything lulu and order most of my stuff online, so I grabbed these and found they nearly slipped off me during a 10 mile run.

They're better after attempts to shrink them, but I just don't feel the same level of compression that I've come to love in these pants.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon - the Run: Cross Train are black - the color of the first photo is off.

I haven't tried the Inspire crops on yet. I don't even know if my local stores have received them. I'll have to try them on but I prefer my crops a bit shorter. I wonder if I could have them shortened.

Michelle Q said...

I am in love with the Personal Best skirt! I have such an addiction to Lulu running skirts - I wear them both for running and for days like today when I took the kidlets to Legoland and I get tons of compliments. I love the purple in this one - definitely going on my list!

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo have a pair of the new running crops on hold at my local Lulu and will be picking them up tomorrow afternoon! Yyyyessss so hard to find a size 2!