Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inspire Pullover Has Hit Southern California Stores!

This is from the Santa Barbra store but I am hoping it hits my local store soon. I am kind of hoping for a solid black so I can wear it to my son's soccer games and other outdoor stuff and not look so "sporty".

  • Be smart & layer up for your chilly morning runs!
  • Made from super soft running luon® with inherent quick wicking performance
  • Anti-stink mesh paneling in high sweat areas for ventilation
  • Thumbholes keep sleeves down, and cuffins keep hands warm!
  • Secure zip pocket for cards, keys & sport snacks
  • Extra music pocket with cord guide
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Colors:  Heathered Grey w/ Blk features, Heathered Purple, and another mystery color! (?)  heathered senorita pink
  • $99 
Heathered Senorita Pink sounds pretty. As soon as I find a photo I will post it.


    ChiRunner said...

    Mystery color? I thought I read somewhere that it was also coming in solid black, heathered senorita, and gray stripe ...

    houndlvr67 said...

    I called the store and the mystery color is heathered senorita ;-).

    RunningOnCoffee said...

    I'm thinking solid black in this style will be too close to my solid black Run: Energy pullover... so I will probably go with heathered-something if I get it.

    Anonymous said...

    My local product notification had them listed as static black (the one in the picture you are showing) and static lolo purple. Might have to check out that static black one tomorrow!

    M said...

    Playing with photoshop again :)

    The last one is a dream one - heathered bold blue *drool*

    Anonymous said...

    Nice M - bold blue would be wonderful. Now you have me wanting it in this color instead and I'm bound to be disappointed ;) Maybe if it's so popular/quick-selling, they'll put it in to be released in more colors (but who I am kidding - they don't seem to be able to get our "want" products out right away, this would probably come out next fall if at all). Thanks for the wishful thanking!
    I think I'm going to call GEC when they open. If they had them available and were mistakingly selling them and canceling orders, maybe they'll let them go now that's coming out in store.