Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CRB with Mesh Back - Arriving in Stores, Swell Jacket Info, & More

The CRB with the mesh back is arriving in Canadian stores. The pictures in the link on the lululemon page are pretty useless but the detail insert seems to indicate the entire back is not mesh, but perhaps it's a panel. It comes in static lolo, static senorita, and static black. Did I predict Static Senorita or what? I might have to get the static black one.

I am really liking the Swell Jacket. The back is very cute. I don't know if I'd wear it inside out - ripstop against the skin might be a bit sticky if you are active. I wonder how much it is.
  • I am reversible! Wear me ripstop side out for some element protection or cotton side out for a totally different look!
  • Exterior is made of stretch ripstop for water and wind resistance
  • Interior is made of cotton french terry which is oh-so-comfy & breathable
  • Zipper pockets to secure $ & keys
  • Thumbholes for keeping hands warm and sleeves in place
  • Preshrunk so there are no surprises when washed

    New Dance Sweatpant in Heathered Amazon Green

    I am loving the new Heathered Amazon Green but I have a feeling it's a color we are only going to see come out in french terry items like the Dance Sweatpant and the Fireside Jacket. I would really like a pair of khaki Still pants or crops in this color.

     New Modern V-Neck Long Sleeve Shirt in Print (center photo) - like!

    Static Black Inspire Pullover - Which way to the chairlift?

    Brisk Run gloves in Senorita Pink


    Zanna said...

    I like the Modern V Neck Tee print but I would prefer to buy a short sleeve. Anybody comes across it, please let us know.

    Anonymous said...

    Love the gloves!

    Just my opinion, but I am getting tired of the lulu jacket look - oversized hood, wide ties that hang down. Lulu jackets either have no ties, or they look like this. I'm not sure what it is I want to see, but something different. I just got a Journey Jacket and WWA, how many jackets do I need that have that same look at the front?

    I will definitely try the mesh back CRB. I have a SP All Sport and I think the static SP would look great with it, and I wouldn't mind the see-through back with that kind of bra top.

    momof5 said...

    Love the static senorita CRB -- glad I held off on the static alarming -

    LOVE the gloves too--

    I like the back of the jacket - I am just a little unsure of the practicality of the revers-- like you said -- not sure about the ripstop on sweaty skin -- reminds me a little of the old school starter jackets with the grey cotton lining --

    Would totally LOVE a journey jacket in the heathered amazon!

    ChiRunner said...

    I think I read somewhere that the Swell Jacket is $108, but I can't confirm that.

    I think it is a little odd that Lulu is releasing what seems like hotter weather items like the mesh-back CRB and the Personal Best SInglet just as we are heading into cooler weather. Where were these items in the summer when we needed them?

    erica said...

    i thought the 'inspire' pullover looked ok until i saw this side view. the darker bands really truncate your torso. it's too bad...

    Luvlulu said...

    I like the Modern V Neck print. I look forward to trying this one on. I also like the Senorita Pink Mesh CRB, I was just thinking about getting a reg. CRB in senorita pink but now I am glad I waited. At least I can try on the mesh one to see if I like the back panel or not. I hope they release the Lulu Pant II in the heathered amazon, I like those better than the Dance Sweat Pants.

    Anonymous said...

    I've seen the static CRBs in store ... the back panel is all mesh

    lamunchkin said...

    I'm looking for an Off to Class Jacket Purple size 8.
    If you know of one, please contact me at: lamunchkin@aol.com.

    Anonymous said...


    LuluAddict said...

    @ anon 10:14 pm - Did you try on the mesh CRB? I would think it's very revealing - the mesh is so see-through.

    Anonymous said...

    Luluaddict -

    Bought the lolo purple CRB today with total mesh back (no mesh panel like you were thinking.) It's not as revealing as you'd think. Yes, you can definitely see the bra through, but the mesh is thick enough. Found this is dumb, though: The tag still reads "wear with Flow Y Bra for no visible bra straps" like on regular CRB's. It's like duhhh the whole back of the bra is visible INCLUDING the straps!!!

    I also purchased the new running crops in black/static black/lolo purple. This is my first pair of running crops and I hope I love them. Earlier you mentioned you think they are long like the empowers or inspires. I am 5'2" and they come mid-calf for me, so I'd say they are slightly longer then Run:fast crop length.