Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boobs on a Wire & Bust Stops Here Pics Plus A Question About Technical Underwear (Updated)

Boobs on a Wire (pink) and The Bust Stops Here (lolo) (click on photo to enlarge)

Now that I see these on a mannequin, I still like the Boobs on a Wire better. I think it has the more natural shape. The Bust Stops Here shape looks very similar to the Ta Ta Tamer. It isn't as low cut as I thought, it just has more of a V in the front. If it shows up tomorrow, I definitely think I will order it.

Update - A photo of an actual person wearing the Boobs on a Wire. I like it. The shape is very natural and much better than the Ta Ta Tamer. I am definitely ordering one. The product alerts I got were all only up to 36DD so I will have to order the 38DD on line. I am assuming the band sizes run small like they do in the TTT otherwise I'd order the 36DD which is my correct size.

Has anyone bought Patagonia technical underwear?  I am thinking of the Barely Hipster, which honestly look a lot like Lululemon's old design of the technikini. They are both made in Israel so I am wondering if they have the same manufacturer.

Patagonia Barely Hipster

I am also thinking of the Active Hipster but I'm worried the wide waistband might dig into me:

Patagonia Active Hipster

If anyone has a recommendation of a another brand they like, please let me know. I looked at Title Nine and Athleta but the Patagonia seems most like what I am looking for (wide crotch so they don't ride up and low rise in back). I also like that the Patagonia comes in black and nude.


Anonymous said...

I believe it's the same Israeli manufacturer of the seamless fabric used by Patagonia, Lulu, North Face, and Nike. I have the active hipster by Patagonia and love it. I wear it on long runs and it prevents the backs of my shorts from getting completely soaked during hot weather.

LuluAddict said...


Holly said...

I have the wide-waistband Patagonia undies and they're comfy, but give me really bad VPL when I wear them with my Run: Empower Crops and other Luxtreme bottoms (haven't tried them with Luon bottoms yet). :(

I find my Victoria's Secret seamless underwear (just the regular Body By Victoria ones, not the Supermodel no-show ones) give me less VPL, although they still show somewhat.

pilatesmom said...

FYI: my patagonia undies are also comfy but give me major VPL.

ChiRunner said...

I third the comments of Holly and pilatesmom - my Patagonia undies are comfy, but create serious VPL so I only wear them when all my Lulu undies are in the wash.

Anonymous said...

Love my patagonia stuff too, the active boyshorts are also very comfy

Anonymous said...

another positive comment for the patagonia active hipster. I have several and love them.

Anonymous said...

FYI - if you see that material as used in the lululemon technical underwear or the run swiftly in a different brand, that''s because they are all made the the same factory in Israel. There's only one factory globally that produces it.

I guess there can still be fakes, but the material is not quite the same.