Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mindful Tank - Anyone Buy One?

Has anyone bought the Mindful Tank? There aren't any reviews of it on the Luluelmon website and I am curious to see what people say about it. I don't think this is in the stores since we haven't seen any Facebook photos of it and it hasn't shown up in any of my product alert emails. It's sold out in size 4 in a couple of colors but otherwise it's fully in-stock. If you've have it or tried it, feel free to post a review.

Celebrity Lululemon - LeAnn Rimes and Hellcats

LeAnn Rimes sporting what looks like a KnottyTank and Dance Crops. She is a big Lululemon fan.

There was more Lululemon on Hellcats last night. The coach was wearing a Potion Define, Flow Y, and Zoom crops. As soon as they upload the episode I'll post the pics.

Today's Upload - Some Goodies

Yay! The Flow and Go tank was uploaded this morning. I briefly toyed with the idea of calling the GEC to see if I could get an Oasis or Alarming but decided to go with the tried and true black since I will probably use this tank more outside the gym than inside. I was surprised to see how low the tank was worn on the model on the website. It makes sense since a lot of the facebook photos we've seen of the tank show it gaping open  in the back. Anyway, I'll get the tank late tomorrow afternoon and give my fit review then.

Flow and Go Tank

I also briefly considered ordering the Tadasana jacket but I really want to try this on first. Some people have commented that the back of the jacket bags out in back creating a turtle-shell effect. You can kind of see it in the photo of the lolo jacket on the web:

Back of jacket is bagging out in the back, creating a "turtle shell" effect

No turtle shell here

However, turtle shell or not I suspect the comfort of the jacket, with the super-breathable back will outweigh the aesthetics of it. Sometimes I leave the gym right after spin class still sweating buckets and having a jacket with a mesh back sounds just lovely. The Get Started Jacket was just a bit too short and boxy for me but the length of this jacket looks perfect for me. I'm hoping to go to the store this weekend to try it on.

A nice surprise today was the appearance of the running baseball caps showing up. The hat is adjustable and has a zipper pocket for a key or money. There are two lululemon logos on this hat - the metal plate in front and normal reflective symbol in the back. The edge of the brim is also reflective. There is no mesh in the hat however. I washed a couple of my Flight Running Bonnets and older Distance hats this weekend in the washer on hand wash cycle and they came through the wash fine. I have the purple ombre plaid hat and love it, as I do all of Lululemon's hats. When I first saw the hat in photos I was afraid it would be too loud and overwhelming but the colors are nicely muted on the gray background and I find it a nice change of pace from solid colored hats. I would love a blue hat to match with some navy jackets I have. Now that the hats have shown up I am hopeful some new mesh headbands will be here, too.

The plaid is muted by being on a gray background

This plaid was too bright for me

The newest batch of Art Hoodies were uploaded. I'm not a huge hoodie person so they don't do much for me but the embroidery is a nice change of pace. I would love to see embroidery decorate the legs or waistband of some of the cotton pants.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lululemon Warehouse Sale - Will There Be An On-Line Version? (Hint, Hint)

Lululemon is going to have one of it's legendary Warehouse Sales in Hamilton, Ontario tomorrow. If you don't live nearby, too bad. I would hope they'd throw a few more items into Loot on line for the rest of us but looking at the sneak peek photos I don't feel that bad that I am missing out. It looks like a lot of the stuff that we've already seen hit Loot. Has anyone been to one and what are the prices like? Would you say it's worth waiting three hours in line?

Got My Zobha Sale Lounge Pants - Love!

My Zobha Lounge Pants came today. They are on clearance at Zobha for $30.99 from $78. They are non-returnable but I thought I'd take a chance since I can always use dressy sweatpants. I really like them. They are 97% Organic Cotton and 3% spandex. I think the cut is similar to Groove pants, snug through the bum and upper thigh and flared from the knee down. I find them to be stretchier than then french terry pants I have from Lululemon (flashback crop, dance sweat pant, feel good pant). I think the material is most similar to those in my Vita crops - thinner and stretchier than the material in my Dance Sweatpants. It's probably most similar to the material found in Organic Wunder Unders as far as stretchiness goes but a bit thicker. Since they are brand new I can't talk about whether they bag out, hang onto stains, or pill but as far as fabric feel and fit goes, I really like them and will get another pair when new colors come out. I'm not sure if I would pay full price. I'll have to decide once I wear them a bit and see how they hold up. As far as sizing goes, I got an XL which should have been fine according to the size chart and even a little on the big side but these are actually snug so I'd say they run true to size or a bit small. I must have a short rise or something because the pants come up to just below my belly button (I'm 5' 5"). I got the color shown in the photo, called Night Shade, and the photo is a true to life. The color is an eggplant purple. The pants have offset seams down the back of the leg and the front and no side seam. I think the seams give the pants nice visual interest.

Sarah Johnson for Lululemon? Weird Fake on Ebay

I was perusing the Lululemon listings on eBay this morning and ran across this one. The text called these pants Sarah Johnson for Lululemon Groove pants. It has to be a fake. I've never seen Grooves with a logo in that spot or by a named designer.

Thinking About Upload Thursday

I am suffering from Lululemon withdrawl. I don't think I've bought something in over two weeks. My wishes for tomorrow's upload are:

1) The Boobs on a Wire Bra, or

2) The Flow and Go Tank, or

3) It's been hot as heck here this week and I really enjoyed wearing my Circle Mesh CRB while working on my kids' playground yesterday. Would love some new colors in this tank. It's just a fantastic staple of a workout wardrobe. Or,

4) The Mesh Headwraps in the newest colors - haven't seen these pop up in my local stores or on line. Still waiting....

5) Surprise item that I can't live without

What are you hoping to see?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Art Hoodies Coming Tomorrow

Lululemon uploaded to Facebook some sneak peek photos of new Art Hoodies that will be on the website tomorrow. I wish they'd throw some of these decorations on the tanks and french terry pants to spice them up. The Hoodies must be a huge percentage of Lululemon's sales. They are the line that gets the most variety in color and pattern.  I am not a fan of the prints. I find them disturbing and seizure-inducing. I much prefer the embroidered florals.

New Flow and Go Tank Colors - Citron and Oasis

Some new colors of the Flow and Go tank have been showing up in the Product Alert emails. I still don't think I've seen it hit any US stores yet either in my Product Alerts or in Facebook - please let me know if I'm wrong. I am dying to try this tank on, even though it looks very revealing.

Citron Flow and Go with Coal Straps

Oasis with Black Straps - I like this one

The Flow and Go Really Opens Up at the Back

There were lots of photos of the Tadasana Tank uploaded to Facebook today so I would take that as a sign that it will be uploaded on Thursday. I have to say most of the ladies modeling the tank are either former high school/college swimmers or the tank gives the illusion of broad shoulders. If you are trying to visually minimize a broad back, this is not the tank for you.

Pics - Senorita Tadasana

Photo of the Senorita Tadasana Tank:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lululemon on TV - Rules of Engagement

Another Lululemon sighting tonight. Audrey wore a Scoop Neck Tank and Wunder Unders for most of the last 5 minutes of the show. CBS should load the episode soon and then I'll add screen caps to this post. I can't believe how much more I'm spotting Lululemon on tv lately.

New Tank - The Tadasana Tank - Cute!

Yay! Something new to write about. A new tank hit facebook today - the Tadasana Tank. It's in both US and Canadian stores. It's pretty cute and has a very nice design in the back. Since the straps are so skimpy, it probably doesn't offer much support for really busty women, but I definitely want to try this on. The length looks nice and long and the cups look like they give pretty good coverage so the girls won't be spilling out. I was planning to go to go to the store today but I am fighting a cold and didn't leave the house except to go to school. It's also 108 degrees (!) here now and both my local Lululemon stores are located in outdoor malls. I just want to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning.

  • Feel strong and beautiful during your practice in this low support, long, body skimming tank

  • Bust - luon®, breathable with coverage, cotton-feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing freedom of movement

  • Body - luon light®, loose, light weight, breathable

  • Barely there spaghetti straps won't dig into you or restrict movement

  • Mesh bra construction with built-in pockets for removable cups

  • Black, Coal, Lolo, Senorita, Riverock/Oasis

  • Sunday, September 26, 2010

    Lululemon on TV: Hellcats Episode 3

    Spotted in last week's episode of Hellcats: Wish Blue Define Jacket, Coal Static Stripe Inner Strength tank, and coal crops but I can't tell which ones. I didn't notice this until I was getting the screen caps but she is using the thumbholes in this scene.

    The coach also appears in a solid Black Scoop Neck Tank and another pair of coal crops:

    I just found this still photo from an upcoming episode. Ashely Tisdale is wearing Empower crops in a flag football scene. I think there will be quite a lot of Lululemon in this episode:

    Hellcats is filmed in Vancouver. That could be a big reason why so much Lululemon shows up.