Sunday, August 1, 2010

Try On Report: Run: Recharge Tank, Run: Cross Train Pullover, Fireside Pant

I tried on the Run: Recharge Tank today.  I was curious to see the new silverescent circle mesh material because I am always on the lookout for lightweight, wicking, and cool tanks.  The fit is similar to the Pep Tank but snugger and not as loose through the straps. The material felt thin and lightweight and I could see where people said they found it kind of scratchy against their skin. It wasn't irritating to me but I definitely noticed a texture. It's funny because the outer side is very smooth but when you run your fingers on the inside it feels rougher. The feel is probably closest to the knitted silverescent material found in the swiftly tees and racerbacks but even that is softer. I'm not sure of the point of this material because when you put on a circle mesh top it feels immediately cool and smooth, almost soothing against your skin. The wicking ability of the circle mesh is just awesome. The regular Silverescent and luxtreme are also very silky feeling against the skin. The Silverscent Circle Mesh is just not as pleasing to the touch as lululemon's other fabrics. Aesthetically, I don't care for the look of the silverescent circle mesh at all. The black tank I tried on had a very obvious honeycomb pattern. I didn't get the Recharge tank because I think it's boring looking and the static (or classic sport gray, or whatever it is) luxtreme color blocking is just not pretty. If a cuter, more flattering tank comes out in this material I would be open to trying it but right now I'd prefer to buy tanks made of circle mesh, luxtreme, or silverescent.

 Great close up showing the cotton decorative strip (click for larger view)

I also tried on the Alarming Run: Cross Train Pullover. It's a cute top but I think it's rather warm for my climate here in Southern California. Also, I'm not really that into hooded technical tops. I also like a zipper front to control cooling and you can't really do that in this top. There are no cuffins, only thumbholes on this pullover. The circle mesh paneling is rather minimal. My entire side and half my arm are circle mesh in the Energy and Hills Pullovers so the Cross Train pullover will be warm. I thought the fit of the Cross Train pullover was very roomy. What is odd about this top is that the black stripes up the sides and in the back are made of cotton, not a technical material. It's the same material you find running up the side of the Flashback crop and some of the Lulu pants. I wonder how that will wear, with the cotton rubbing against the luxtreme in the wash.

I tried on the Fireside pant. I won't be watching for these to hit the markdown rack.  Well, maybe I'll get a pair if they hit $9 like my Vita crops. The pants fit snug all the way to the ankle, just like in the above photo. French Terry is just too thick for that kind of cut to look cute. I like how the pant fit my rear, so it's too bad they didn't make these pants in a wider leg like the Lulu pant or the Dance Sweatpant. They would have been really cute. I also like how the front pockets zip shut.

My store did not have any Scuba hoodies and once again they told me they don't expect them until it really gets cold. I saw the Charcoal Wear With All with the Citron dip dye hood:
The hood looks a lot brighter in photos than it does in person. It almost looks like the Citron gets dirty. Now that I've seen it, it wouldn't be the reason I chose this particular Wear With All.


momof5 said...

@Luluaddict -- great try-on reviews for those of us that arent near a store -- I love the citron hood on the WWA but do not like the fit -- I hope it comes out in a scuba -- I think a lolo ombre fade would be GORGEOUS!

I feel the same way also about the fireside pants -- there is something off about the proportions -- too slim bottom and too booty enhancing-- i think i would feel very self conscious in those

I might have to try the polocrosse pants-- they are getting rave reviews from everyone --- i love pilatesmom idea with boots --

Anonymous said...

I am a bustie size 10, 36D and the pullover fit great - but I hate the grey stripes! My store doesn't have the colours in yet & there is way too much happening on the grey one... to many different pieces of material patched together. I bet the alarming is beautiful.

ChiRunner said...

@Anon - Where are you located? Because it is the opposite at all of my local stores. They got the black, oasis, and alarming, but not the gray stripe version (which I love and would like to buy).

RunningOnCoffee said...

Thanks for these reviews! I'm glad to hear the Recharge tank is shorter in the straps, but I agree something is weird with the design on the back of the tank. Not sure if the horizontal seam would hit me at a weird spot on my bust, like you thought it might in a previous post.

Interesting that the Cross Train pullover has cotton along the sides, definitely hadn't read that anywhere before. Now that I actually sweat when I exercise, I don't know the last time I wore cotton for sweating.

I may hold out for the Run: Inspire l/s top.

I read somewhere that the fireside pants were slim at the ankle to tuck into boots. I'm not a fan of the look, myself. I could never wear leggings or uggs to work, so i don't own them.

I like the citron hood. Too bad it's not as noticeable in person. I wish there was a little bit of the ombre/dip-dye effect somewhere more visible on the hoodie.

houndlvr67 said...

Canada got the stripes and the colors, the US only got the colors so far. The striped one WAS one of the items leaked a couple of weeks ago by the IT team though...

I have found that if something doesn't show up in phone sales inventory for the US, it often means that it is going to the website inventory first. Let's hope, right?

ChiRunner said...

@houndlvr67 - Something to look forward to in Thursday's upload then? I hope so. :)

Anonymous said...

@ChiRunner, I'm in Canada & so disappointed at the variations in what Canadian stores get vs. US stores vs. website!! I see so much stuff on this Luluaddict site (love you, BTW) literally weeks before they show up in Canadian stores, and in some cases *never* show up on the website! The sale stuff is even more inconsistent- so frustrating.
Being in Canada I'm REALLY hoping for some beautiful winter clothing this year... like a great puffy coat or something.
I bought some featherlight socks yesterday & it looks like they only have size "6-9"... is that true? The girls in the store didn't know.