Saturday, August 14, 2010

Try On Report - Community Jacket, Journey Jacket, Cobra Crop, Revitalize Tank, Run Fast Crop, Eagle Tank

I went to the store today to return my Static Lolo Purple CRB. It turns out that I like the the static lolo the least of new the CRBs. My favorites on me were the static dark classic sport gray, static oasis, static alarming, and finally static lolo. I almost exchanged the lolo for the gray but the store had a random Wish Blue I Just Wanna Run on markdown for $29 so I got that instead. I don't wear my CRBs that much to workout in so I know I'll get more wear out of the IJWR.  I also got the plaid baseball hat. From the photos I was worried that the plaid might be a bit loud or overwhelming but it was very understated in person. The color code is PROP/Black. I'm not sure what that stands for - power purple something? The hats are pretty popular. The educator told me they got ten in and I got the last one. Comparing this hat to my Potion Purple baseball hat I got in the Spring, they are nearly identical except for the zipper pocket. The pleats are still the same in the back. The new baseball hat has the logo moved to the back and made larger. It also has a small (more like tiny) metal lululemon tag on the front left side liked they used in the cashmere blend knitted items.

I tried on the new Community Jacket and the newest Track and Field jackets for comparison. I really liked the Community Jacket. It's a great lightweight jacket that has some nice features like big pockets, a soft circle mesh lining, and a hood. I only wish it was a couple of inches longer, more like the Track and Field Jacket. As you can see from the photos above it's a good 2-3" shorter than the Track and Field. The Community probably came to the top of my hip bones (I'm 5' 5") which the worst spot for a puffy jacket. This is a jacket that most likely looks best on very petite women or very tall women. I also wish you could tuck away the hood. I like this jacket a lot but for me to pay full price it has to be perfect. I will keep an eye out for one in my size to hit the markdown rack but I am not hopeful - it's pretty cute.

 Run: Fast Crop

Passion Crop

I tried on the new Run Fast crop and really liked them. They reminded me a lot of my favoite Passion crops - especially the very supportive fit and feel in the front and along the side of the leg. The fit on the back of the leg felt slightly different to me. Maybe that was due to the inseam being moved to help with chafing on the Run Fast. I have to agree with the author of the Superficial Endeavors blog, I like the wide waistband on the Run Fast crop. It's very comfortable. The things I didn't like about the Run Fast so much is the length - I prefer the just below the knee length of the Passion. I also don't care for the mesh opening and the louvered pleating at the leg opening. The Passion crops have a small ribbed luxtreme cuff and I prefer the feel of that out of all my running crops. I have enough luxtreme crops that I don't need these but if I did get them, I'd probably slot them in as my third favorite crop behind my Passion and Team Spirit (no mesh on the opening but has gathers up the side of the leg) and ahead of my Zoom crops.

I tried on the Cobra Crops and really loved the feel of them. The waistband is wide and looser fitting than Wunder Unders. It was a super comfortable feeling. I had been toying with the idea of getting a pair of Wunder Unders but I think I would pick these over a pair of them even with the $18 price difference. If you like Wunder Unders, try the Cobra Crop.

I tried the Revitalize Singlet. I thought the material felt light and breathable. I tried the 10 since the 12 wasn't available. It hugged my curves and didn't look too bad but I still think it's a dull-looking tank. The pleats on the front kind of remind me of fish gills. If it went on markdown, I'd get one, but not at full price.

I tried on the Journey Jacket. It's cute but not practical for me - too short and too young looking. Also, my boobs pushed the pockets out and ruined the look of them.  I thought it fit on the snug side.

I also tried on the Eagle tank to satisfy my curiosity. This only goes up to a 10 and I was spilling out of it all over the place so I think it fits true to size. It seems like a nice enough tank but probably wouldn't work for the really well-endowed. If you are short-waisted you might not even show that much skin. I tried these on with my Still pants and only a little skin showed.

OK, what is the story with the new Gather Racerback? The educator told me they are now luon but the tag says organic cotton with lycra and so does the website. However, it sure feels like luon but there is no red "luon" tag on the tanks. I have an older Gather racerback and it feels like cotton and much different than the new ones. I bought it off ebay for something like $25 so I like it well enough but the new ones are much softer.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the color code for the running hat PROP/BLACK. I think the PROP means Purple Ombre Print.

Zanna said...

Was the running baseball hat the same fabric with the previous batch? Same as your Potion Purple one?

houndlvr67 said...

I was in my Lulu trying on the same stuff! I have to agree with all of your observations. Even though I am really tall, I didn't like the Community Jacket-it felt like a wind tunnel. I much preferred the "Off to Class" jacket that was offered this time last year. I have a black Track n Field that I got last spring on markdown that I LOVE. Perfect length for me and very versatile. I wear it a lot.
I'm rather *ashamed* to say, that I liked the Scuba Shaped Hoodie. It really gives my waist definition and it looks more flattering on than pictures give it justice. It fits a bit tighter in the boobage and has a slight corset effect but that is ok sometimes ;-). I bought it but have to try it on 7 more times before I rip off the tags!

Luvlulu said...

I had the same experience with the Gather Racerback. I had called one of my local stores to see if any new Lolo tanks had come in and they were telling me about the gather racerback. She told me it was luon. When they were uploaded I noticed it said organic cotton. I went to the store & the tag said the same thing. I guess they are cotton but with a luon-like feel.

I did like the style of the Community Jacket but I didn't like how short it is. I am petite 5'2" but I still thought it should be just a bit longer. I might get it on markdown if there are any left. When I was in the store people were buying it. I just don't love it enough to pay $128.

Prairie80 said...

I went to try on the Community Jacket today, expecting it to be too short on me and was pleasantly surprised by how well it fit me. Granted I am short-waisted (5'5"), so I suppose it just depends on your body type. On me, the hem lands a good 3" below the top of my hip bones.

Anonymous said...

I believe with the gather racerback that they are indeed organic cotton, but with more lycra in them that previously (which change the feel of the material).

Kinda counterproductive, adding more synthetic (lycra) to an organic (the cotton), but what can ya do...

LuluAddict said...

I tried on the Track and Field, too, the alaming striped one and like the style a lot. The length is good for me. I'm going to be watching for this to be marked down, too, because $148 is a lot for a jacket I don't really need. I can see why people like the Community over the T&F. The T&F is more fussy looking with the pleats at the shoulders and elbows and puffiness at the back. By contrast, the Community is much more restrained. Houndlvr- did you think the Community has a little less room in the shoulders and upper arms than the T&F. It seemed that way to me. The Community is a to and fro and the Track and Field is made for running.

If the new organic tops are going to have more Lycra and be softer, I am 110% on board with that. The organic stuff has always been a bit scratchy feeling to me. Not to mention a lot less breathable and wicking than luon.

I'm pretty sure the new running hats are made of the same material as the baseball hat. It's in my bedroom and my husband already went to bed so I'll confirm that tomorrow. The inside is the same - circle mesh lining the interior of the hat. The brim is the length, too.

newtolulu said...

I just orderded some of the new CRB's on-line. Also the reversible wunder groove crops in wish blue. Am not sure how those are going to turn out. I have been wearing the wunder under crops and don't know what is the difference with the wundergroove crops.
I got the everyday yoga jacket - does anyone have that? It has been too sunny here in Vancouver to wear yet, but I think it will be nice.
I also do not like the new scuba hoodies. I wish they were not discontinuing the remix - am trying to find some remaining colors in my size, but they have all been snapped up.

houndlvr67 said...

Yes, Lulu Addict, I found the T&F fit me better through the shoulders than the Community.
I saw all the static CRBs as well and would pick the lolo last, which was surprising as I am a fan of purple. The static effect made it look cheap or something...can't put my finger on it. Loved the alarming the most, but that is a good red for me.
Decided that I will be returning the Shaped Scuba-too much greatness coming down the pipeline to spend my $$ on mediocrity.

RunningOnCoffee said...

Great try-on report. Thank you!

Nice find, getting the I Just Wanna Run on sale!! Now that I've worn mine in Wish Blue a fair amount, I wouldn't mind having one in a second color.

While I have 2 regular CRBs, I find that I don't look to wear them as much as I look to my other tops (Zoom Singlet, I just Wanna run, and the Circle Mesh CRB). They're a little thick for me and the fit isn't as great for running as the other tops I listed.

LuluAddict said...

@ RunningonCoffee - I feel the same way about the regular CRBs - a bit too thick to wear to workout and not enough skin exposed to cool me off - I just sweat too much wearing them. However, the mesh CRBS are awesome for workouts. Like you I also like the Zoom Singlet, I Just Wanna Run, Energy SL, and Push UR Limits. I wear the CRBs for casual wear mostly.

pilatesmom said...

Tried on the community jacket today - ok but very easy for me to pass on. Tried on the shaped scuba and thought the cut was awkward. Tried on the cotton grooves. Nice but I passed on them too.

Megan said...

I bought a revitalize singlet but I think it's going back. I just don't love-love it and for the price, I need to love it. I do love the neckline and strap area, I don't like the baggy cinch-able waist.

I got my first two CRBs this weekend -the static lolo and oasis. Love! The material has a nice sheen to it (subtle, but I like it). Are the regular CRBs (the non-static) the same material? I know there are the CRBs SE with the circle mesh but I'm referring to just the regular ones.

Anonymous said...

@pilatesmom - did you try on the Journey jacket?

pilatesmom said...

@anon: my store didn't have the journey jacket in yet, but I fell in love with it on thurs upload and ordered the charcoal which is on the way. I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it.