Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sports Bras

The New York Times had a great article on sports bras the other day. I don't know if the article itself had any earth shattering information but the comments were very instructive. For instance, quite a few well-endowed women runners said they wear an encapsulation style bra and then layer a compression style over it to totally kill bounce. Have any of you tried that? I don't run so I don't bounce insanely and the Champion Powerback (the white bra above, an encapsulation style) gives me good enough support for doing intervals on the elliptical.  I also learned the best bounce test is jumping jacks. I usually jump up and down but will now start doing jumping jacks when testing tanks and bras. Finally, the most-mentioned bras that helped larger-breasted women were by Enell, of course. The second most were by Moving Comfort. For those of you who use Enell bra, does it work with any Lululemon tanks? I.e., not show underneath them? I haven't upgraded to an Enell but might consider it.


Anonymous said...

I have an Enell bra (which I only use for days I do run or do high impact sports). It's amazing in terms of support, but awful in terms of appearance. It's really full coverage and the seams show through most shirts.

Basically there is no lulu top that works with it. I often wear a pima tee that's a little loose when running because no one looks carefully enough to see the seams. The rewind tee (pima from a few months ago) is my favourite as it skims over the bra. But I have yet to see a technical top that works. I actually think lulu is pretty bad at designing tops that work with other bras (obviously there are bras that do work, but often something shows).

Nadine said...

The persistance tank completely covers up the enell. you can still see the seems in the front but I really don't care about that.

ragazza said...

I only wear enells, to the point that I have tan lines, and I just wear a lulu tank over them. Because its so supportive, I don't care that it shows, and I try to coordinate colors with tanks. Black, White, Pink, Blue etc. The IJWR doesn't look bad with it.

RunningOnCoffee said...

Haven't tried Enell yet.

I have tried Moving Comfort for running with a 32D bra size, and I'm happy with it. I like their newer Juno style which is encapsulation + compression, and it's a racerback with hooks at the back. The Fiona style is not racerback, but works well. I was thinking of trying MC's Vero C/D (which used to be called the Venus?) It has adjustable straps like Lulu's ta ta tamer.

I like that the Juno has a racerback, so it works with Lulu's racer back tops, but I'm used to some part of my bra showing - whether it's at the neckline, poking out from thinner tank straps or a thinner racerback.

My "I Just Wanna Run" tank completely covers the Juno. Cool Racerback (regular) shows off my bra at the neckline; Cool Racerback (mesh) nearly hides my whole bra. Zoom Singlet shows off the edges of my bra.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm in the UK -by the way- I have to spend a fortune on shipping and import duty to get my Lulu fixes! We have a brand of sports bras called Shock Absorber and they have a new racer back model called Run which is good with some of the swifty tops. I dont mind showing straps; rather that than poor support,right girls?!?! Jules, London.

Kara said...

I don't know why it's so difficult to find a supportive sports bra, but it definitely is. Most are too stretchy and bouncy.